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I s s u e N O . 9
Little Dragons – Dragon Pre-Prep
at Lynams
The journey starts in Reception where
children use rhymes and rhythms to learn
sounds, numbers and make links to other
areas of the curriculum adding actions and
expressions to what they are singing to embed
their learning. In music lessons they begin
to learn the hymns they will sing with the
rest of the school in assembly and towards
Christmas, they learn the songs they will
need for their Nativity play, which is always
one of the highlights of the year. They use
percussion instruments to practise following
a beat; only the brave work with sixteen five
year olds and noisy drums. Musically the year
ends for Reception with a concert to parents
demonstrating just how much they have learnt
during their first year at school.
As the children move into Year 1, their
skills are refined, their confidence grows and
Music is part of the very fabric of the building at Lynams, there are very few days
when a visitor could walk through the school and not hear the sound of a class or
year group singing, a musical instrument being practised in any small available
space or an ensemble making their first tentative steps towards performance.
Children naturally want to make music and we are happy to help them.
their musical experiences widen. Performance
opportunities in plays, assemblies and concerts
are manyfold and towards the end of the year,
all of the children are involved in a musical
carousel. This is a most exciting afternoon
when children are given the opportunity to
try out a number of different instruments
to see which one may suit them best. It is
the firm belief of Annie Hancock, the
inspiration behind much of the music at
Lynams, that children should chose an
instrument which they enjoy playing
and which suits them physically,
rather than playing just because
there happens to be a piano
or violin at home. After this,
and as they start in Year 2,
children can then start
1:1 music lessons.
In Years 2 and 3, children continue with
their class music in which they learn, music
notation and theory, all learn the recorder,
practise songs for plays and concerts and look
at composers and styles of music. They also
then begin their ensemble playing. Groups
of children meet on Mondays and Tuesdays
with specialist staff to make music together.
The sight of 24 pianists all playing keyboards
together is not for the faint-hearted! This
work culminates in end of year concerts to
parents in which it is often hard to remember
just how young the children performing are.
Key music staff from Bardwell Rd including
Vicky Savage, Director of Music, are involved
in the ensemble groups providing continuity
throughout the whole school.
With music, as well as fun, there is
however an element of hard work and that
is practice. The children are helped with this
through our supervised early morning practice
groups which both help them get into good
habits and inform parents as to how they can
get involved too.
Music links everything we do at Lynams,
as well as being a huge operation in itself with
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