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The Dragon is keen to help those who could benefit
from all that its education can provide but are unable
to afford the fees. The school has two programmes to
provide assisted places; both are applicable to boarding
or day children and are open to those joining in
September each year.
– these grants can be worth up to 100%
of fees. Family financial circumstances are taken into
account when bursaries are awarded. Applications are
invited annually from those needing a minimum of
50% fee support and who would like their children
to join the school in Year 4; the closing date for
applications is usually the December before the
proposed year of entry. Candidates are assessed by
Dragon teachers and a report from the child’s current
school will be requested.
Academic Awards
– these awards can have a
maximum value of 50% of fees. Children joining the
school in Years 4 to 7 can apply to this scheme which
has a closing date in February preceding entry in
September. Academic Awards are offered to boys and
girls of outstanding academic promise and are based
on assessment and interview by Dragon teachers.
For further information about Dragon Bursaries and
Academic Awards please see the website or contact
the Admissions Office on 01865 315405 or
Help with fees:
Bursaries and
Open Mornings & Visits
If you are considering the Dragon
for your child, you are warmly
encouraged to come and see
the school for yourself. There are
Open Mornings in the summer
and autumn for families to tour the
preparatory school with current
Dragon pupils, to see our Boarding
Houses, meet staff and to ask the
Headmaster questions.
– for
those interested in boarding or day
places; please contact
for an invitation.
Contact Us
Enquiries and further information:
Admissions email:
Admissions telephone: 01865 315405
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Would you like a copy of the Dragon prospectus?
To receive your copy and registration information,
please email your name and address, together
with the name and date of birth of your child, to:
or telephone 01865 315405
Get a Prospectus
– individual
family tours are also arranged
throughout term time including
Saturdays. These visits offer the
opportunity for a detailed tour of the
school with admissions staff and the
chance, wherever possible, to meet
the Headmaster.
The Dragon Pre-Prep, Lynams,
has a summer Open Morning for
those registered with the school for
the coming year; other parents are
welcome to book family visits.
To arrange an individual tour of
Lynams please telephone the School
Secretary on 01865 315541 or email
Dragon Information
The Headmaster will be in Tokyo and Singapore in
October to meet prospective boarding parents.
For more information please contact
Dragon School
Bardwell Road, Oxford OX2 6SS
Tel +44 (0)1865 315400
Fax +44 (0)1865 311664
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