Year 3 joiners
Most children join the Dragon Pre-
Prep, Lynams, in Reception. There are
however further opportunities to start at
the school and, for some, Year 3 entry
can be ideal. A number of children,
equivalent to a whole extra class, enter
at Year 3 so pupils starting at this age
will not be the only ‘new’ children. Pupils
go on to the Dragon at Bardwell Road
in Year 4 so the preceding year is an
excellent opportunity to acclimatise to
‘Dragon Life’ in the smaller world of
Lynams and to cement friendships.
If you would like to consider a Year
3 start for your child, the Admissions
Office would be pleased to help with
further information on 01865 315405 or
Inspiration from
Around the World
The ‘Native Americans’ topic captured
the interest of Year 2 Dragons in a History
WOW morning in March. Children tasted
flatbreads and maple syrup and experienced
a traditional game of Maricopas. The
morning ended with a Native North American
singsong. Also inspired by cultures from
around the world, the Year 1 Dragons,
pictured above, set sail for the Americas,
Africa and the far East in their Easter Term
Toby’s Ark
. They entertained the school
with bright colours, enthusiastic singing and
energetic performances.
The Dragon Pre-Prep, Lynams, ensures that every child is
supported by a pastoral approach which underpins all social and
academic learning. The Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship
Education (PSHCE) curriculum develops self-confidence, self-
esteem and self-expression - and ultimately prepares children to
be independent and responsible members of society.
Caring about
pastoral care
At Lynams, emotional well-being is
cultivated through positive principles: be
healthy, be safe, enjoy and achieve, and
make a contribution. Regular discussion
and debate of personal and social issues
fosters moral, social, cultural and spiritual
development. Children are encouraged
to respect different national, religious and
ethnic identities in order to accept and
value difference.
Strong relations between home
and school are pivotal to effective
pastoral care; there is constant two-way
communication. In addition, Lynams
co-ordinates Family Links Parent Groups,
runs a School Nurturing Programme and
conducts workshops with parents on
topics such as internet safety, learning at
home and emotional literacy.
Lynams’ Golden Rules
for children and staff:
Be kind and gentle, be helpful
and polite, look after property
and share with others, listen to
people, be honest, work hard and
‘reach for the sun’
(Arduus Ad Solem)
Children at Lynams have positive
relationships with their teachers; improved
behaviour is quietly praised and everyday
acts of kindness, consideration and
compassion are acknowledged. The Pre-
Prep pupils are proud of their role in the life
of the school and are keen to reach out to
their local community and the wider world.
In recognition of this, Lynams’ staff and
parents frequently organise opportunities
for the children to give of their time and
raise money for others.
Strong relations
between home
and school
are pivotal
to effective
pastoral care
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