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D R A G O N S T O D AY S P R I N G 2 0 1 6


Over half-term, eighteen intrepid

Dragons and three accompanying staff

embarked on their journey to Tokyo to

spend time with their Keio Yochisha

counterparts. Catapulted head first into

a culture very different from that in the

UK, the children were treated to some

memorable experiences both in and out of

school. They visited a Buddhist Temple,

experienced Zen meditation, hiked-up

a dormant volcano on the island of Izu

Oshima, rode on a Bullet train, took a bath

in an onsen, and successfully negotiated

Tokyo’s tube system and street bazars. They

also enjoyed a trip up the Sky Tree and a

visit to a Cup Noodle museum to design

their own ramen snack. Unbelievable

dining experiences at some of Tokyo’s

finest eateries included one where we had

to catch our own fish before deciding how

we would like to eat it! All the children

returned home weary but exhilarated by

their experiences, with memories and

friendships that will hopefully last

a lifetime.

Keio Yochisha, Japan Exchange

The last Saturday of the Christmas Term

was celebrated with the fantastic 72nd

Dragon Sale. This year the Sale was

opened by Mary Berry, star of the Great

British Bake Off. There were an incredible

71 stalls this year, including Snail Racing,

Donut Dilemma and Tikki-Tikki Piranha

Bar. The Crafty Dragons had been busy

and Dragonalia offered some great new

items including mugs and bespoke painted

plates. The Deli team and the ladies at

International Food were busy all morning.

The gym was turned into a fun palace for

Lynams children, decorated with their

drawings and offering reindeer food, games

and the memorable Golden Tickets. The

Sale finished with the Auction which

helped to raise much needed funds, the

funds raised go to charities chosen by the

children as part of their philanthropic

development. Thank you to

everyone involved!

Dragon Sale

The Spirit of Christmas Choir

On Wednesday 16th December 2015,

the Dragon School Choir performed at

the Spirit of Christmas concert in aid of

Muscular Dystrophy at University Church

of the Virgin Mary in Oxford. The choir

were fantastic in their delivery of both the

choir only items and the congregational

singing, and their carol descants sounded

resplendent in the beautiful acoustic. The

children enjoyed hearing the readings

from The Hon. Michael Attenborough

CBE, James Norton, Julie Peasgood and

Oliver Milburn which set the tone for a

fun and festive evening. The children sang

a beautiful Welsh song ‘Sleep away my

gentle child’ before a rousing rendition


I saw three ships.

They finished with a

medley of Christmas songs called ‘The

Bells of Christmas’. The children blended

their harmonies well in the acoustic

and delivered crisp diction to ensure a

wonderful and uplifting performance and

the quality of their voices, and enthusiasm,

in their faces was testament to their hard

work throughout the term.