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D R A G O N S T O DAY S P R I N G 2 0 1 5
D R A G O N S T O DAY S P R I N G 2 0 1 5
The Dragon School hosted
eight Tibetan Monks
from the Tashi Lhunpo
Monastery for what turned
out to be a truly different
sort of day.
In November members of the
Upper School gave two won-
derful performances of Grimm
Tales, adapted by Carol Ann
Duffy. Performed in the round
with the cast all in black the
children created a magical
atmosphere. Excellent acting
and impressive ensemble
work brought to life each of
the six stories which were
greatly enjoyed by cast and
audience alike.
Every child in the school made a ceramic poppy, inspired by the
installation at the Tower of London, commemorating all those
who lost their lives in the First World War. The memorial marked
the 100th anniversary of the year Britain entered one of the
costliest conflicts in history.
Remembrance Sunday
he Dragon School hosted eight
Tibetan Monks from the Tashi
Lhunpo Monastery for what turned
out to be a truly different sort of day. It all
started in Assembly with an introduction
to the Buddhist monks’ way of life with
the Black Hat dance. This then led into
a full day of dance and art workshops
for the Year 5 children, including the
construction, deconstruction and dispersal
of a sand mandala. Children and staff
alike were especially mesmerized by the
mandala physically unfolding, grain by
grain, in front of them. In the evening the
School enjoyed a further performance,
accompanied by explanations from Jane
Rasch, the monks’ tour coordinator. The
music, chants and traditional costumes
were quite simply captivating.
The mood of the day is difficult to put into
words. It was nothing like it was imagined
to be. Feedback from the children, staff,
parents and even the monks themselves
has been incredibly positive. Was it simply
the children sitting alongside the monks
while they meditated and worked tirelessly
towards creating the mandala? Or was it
the realisation that monks too ate fish and
chips and were excellent football players?
Dragon Sale
The end of the 2014 Christmas Term heralded another
wonderful Dragon Sale. Hundreds of children, staff and
parents came together to continue this unique Dragon
tradition. This very special event typifies the creativity
and generosity of spirit found throughout the School
at all times of the year and it is a great tribute to all
concerned. This year’s Sale raised the tremendous total
of £115,000 - all of which will be divided amongst local,
national and international charities working with
children and young people.
NewYork Trip
During the October Half Term 20 A
Block Dragons had the opportunity
to hone their accents in preparation
for January’s performance of Bugsy
Malone during their visit to New
York. All pupils were paired with
pupils from local schools Nightingale
Bamford and St. Bernard’s. They
attended some lessons and
particularly enjoyed staying with
their host families. Some of the
highlights of the trip included seeing
a Broadway show, going to the top
of the Empire State Building and
visiting The Statue of Liberty. A four
hour bus tour of the city took in
Harlem, Times Square, the Upper
East and West sides and General
Grant’s tomb. A multimedia show at
the City of New York museum helped
children understand how the arrival
of different ethnic groups over many
decades had helped to build a diverse
and vibrant city. The visit to Ground
Zero and 911 Memorial Park and the
British Garden of Remembrance was
a moving experience. On the last
day of the trip, however, children
enjoyed a visit to Central Park Zoo.
Despite a few days of heavy rain, and
the long distance travel, our Dragon
ambassadors very much enjoyed
experiencing American culture and
were a great credit to the School.
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