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Following on from the Independent
Schools Inspection Report (ISI) in
November 2014, we are delighted to
announce that the Dragon was rated
as “Exceptional” for the quality of the
pupils’ achievements and learning.
The report confirms,
“The quality of pupils’
achievements and learning is exceptional. The
pupils’ success in their academic work and
the equally extremely high quality of their
achievements in other areas, strongly fulfil the
school’s aims. Pupils’ attitudes to learning are
exceptionally positive and contribute strongly
to their high achievements. They are immensely
curious and keen to learn, listen attentively
and respect one another’s opinions. They
concentrate exceptionally well, most are highly
organised within a busy school day and they
take pride in the presentation of their work.
The pupils are highly enthusiastic and relish all
aspects of school life.”
For the best part of a week, the fourteen
inspectors observed lessons, activities and
games; visited all the boarding houses;
interviewed children, staff and governors;
scrutinised work and generally busied
themselves around the school. When
the report was published, it was good
to read that they had worked very hard
to understand the uniqueness of the
Dragon and commented,
“Throughout the
school behaviour is excellent; pupils exhibit
exuberance and spirit yet responsiveness and
sensitivity. This successfully reflects the school’s
ethos of relaxed rigour without the need for
excessive compliance.”
We are delighted that it echoes the words
of an inspection report of the Dragon in
1930 by the then Board of Education.
Headmaster watches attentively the trend
of modern ideas on education, especially as
regards the due balancing of freedom and
restraint. He is on his guard against any
sacrificing of spontaneity and vitality to
mechanical regularity. But in its essential
frankness and naturalness the demeanour of
the pupils is most attractive, and the freedom
from artificiality in the relations between the
boys and the Masters and the wholesome zest
with which school life is lived cannot fail to be
appreciated by all who are brought into contact
with them. These things are characteristic of
the best Preparatory Schools today but they are
particularly conspicuous here.”
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It’s Official:
The Dragon is Exceptional
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