D R A G O N s T O D A Y . s P R I N G 2 0 1 1
A Year 4 form taker, Tim Knapp teaches
a range of subjects and is Assistant
Director of Sport for the whole school.
An enthusiastic rugby player and keen
historian, Tim has been at the school for
four years and spends most of his time
either inside the classroom or on the
games fields.
Tim Knapp
Wren’s magnificent Sheldonian Theatre in
Oxford was the location in February for a
school concert truly worthy of its setting.
Over 200 of the Dragon’s best musicians,
ranging from Year 3 to Year 8, performed to
a standard of which many a senior school
would have been proud. The range of music
played by the Dragon’s Big Band, Chamber
Choir, Harp Ensemble, Concert Band,
Saxophone Quartet and Dragonetti Strings
was equally impressive. The confident Year 3
Singers and talented chamber musicians also
delighted the audience. The concert came to
an exuberant end with everyone joining in a
final rousing account of Parry’s
DVD of the occasion, which can be ordered
from the school, readily demonstrates the
quality of this memorable concert.
Great Music
in a
Glorious Place
While such a prestigious concert was a
major highlight for the music department
it was only a small part of the programme
they deliver. Right from the start of their
time at the Dragon, children are encouraged
to play, to sing and to enjoy music of all
kinds. As well as teaching music throughout
the school, the energetic music staff deliver
hundreds of individual lessons every week.
They also operate year group ensembles for
all instrumentalists (including rock bands)
and over 400 children sing in various choirs.
These groups perform in a dozen or more
concerts at school each year. There is the
opportunity for all pupils to explore their
musical interest and abilities; the experience
for young musicians at the Dragon is not only
deep but broad, too.
What attracted you to the Dragon?
At my last school, our first fixture was at
the Dragon and I was bowled over by the
atmosphere, amazing facilities and grounds. I
thought at the time that it would be a great place
to work.
What have you learnt as a teacher at
the Dragon?
Dragons are confident, sure of
themselves and well-informed. The unique
atmosphere at the Dragon encourages children
to say what they think; it is great that they
are not afraid to challenge others’ views of the
world. With boarding being right at the heart
of the Dragon, there is certainly a unique
camaraderie here - this is clearly evident at
whole school events like Sports Day and Sing
Song, where all the children come together and
celebrate each other’s successes as one.
Year 4 children find you very
approachable – can you explain?
philosophy is to make learning fun in order
to maximise learning potential. I have the
willingness to listen and have a patient and
compassionate character.
Which subjects do you enjoy teaching?
Although I enjoy teaching a variety of
subjects, history has the knack of bringing out
different perspectives and opinions. It is always
interesting to see how, even at Year 4, Dragons
take historical arguments further through
How is teaching at the Dragon different?
Being a teacher here certainly extends beyond
the classroom. As well as the usual class
teaching and sports, there are the extensive
games, activities, clubs and trips that provide
a well-rounded education and experience. The
facilities are great and so is the support from
other teachers and the Headmaster. It is all very
What hobbies and sports do you enjoy?
I play rugby for Oxford Harlequins and travel
across the South West playing matches. During
my time off, I usually relax by reading books
relating to history or biographies.
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