Sports Roundup:
Gold, Silver and Bronze Dragons
The end of the Easter Term brought to a close an incredibly busy run of sporting
highlights since September. Following the 1st XV rugby squad’s enjoyable but
physically challenging tour to France, the school’s rugby teams achieved the
best results since 2001 with a win record of 82 in the 124 matches played. The
girls’ hockey season was also very successful, winning 70 of the 101 matches
played. The U10A team won all of their six matches while the U13A lost just twice
in thirteen games, and played attractive, open hockey with pace and a genuine
understanding of shape.
The Difference
of Two Years
Headmaster John Baugh argues that
Years 7 and 8 are the ‘golden years’
at prep school which offer enormous
value to children.
Parents and schools share the ambition: to
develop characterful, individual, happy and
enquiring children who are capable of forming
strong relationships and have a mature attitude
to life. The final prep school years offer
significant value in this regard in the way they
develop great potential for future academic
achievement and personal maturity. Prep schools
are well known for providing academic and
sporting opportunities, but the advantages in
personal and pastoral terms are generally less
tangible and often harder to realise. This is
particularly true for senior pupils at prep school
when we consider both the rapid psychological
and physiological changes that take place at this
age and the need for a more stable yet flexible
environment. Senior pupils in their last two
years of prep school embrace a mature and
conscientious approach; they gain confidence in
their abilities as leaders, as social beings and as
academics through the respect and responsibility
they attract.
Taught and inspired by teachers who see
their pupils as senior members of the school
community, children flourish. They develop
independence and responsibility, becoming
learners refined in the art of study with astute
powers of persuasion and rational thought. As
they work towards Common Entrance, and
quite possibly a scholarship or award to a future
school, children in these senior years acquire
the skills to think creatively; use resources;
become constructive in their time management
and revise effectively. These are crucial life
skills which enable children to cope with the
challenges of life at senior school, with more
advanced examinations, and life as adults in
professional careers. In my mind, there is little
doubt that the last two years of prep school give
children in the 21st century an academic and
emotional advantage which helps them become
successful, mature and independent individuals.
And, of course, they are great fun.
The football, hockey and netball teams all
benefited from the best weather on record in
recent Easter Terms. Footballers won or drew
70% of their matches; boys’ hockey sides
played 23 more matches than the previous
season with the Colts D and U9 teams all
remaining unbeaten; girls’ netball put in some
fine performances, the U13Bs winning 9 of
11 matches, the U10Bs, 5 of 6 matches, and
the U9Bs winning all 5 matches.
The swimming squad remain undefeated
in inter-school galas this year with 29
swimmers qualifying for the National IAPS
Finals and strong performances in the
Bromsgrove Invitational Relays. Dragons
were awarded five sporting awards to senior
schools, and gold, silver and bronze awards
were achieved in fencing, judo, gymnastics
and rowing. It has clearly been a successful as
well as busy two terms.
Dragon sports
achievements and
selections include:
England Indoor Rowing
Championships - Gold (U10 Girls) and
Silver (U10, U11, U12 Boys)
Prep School Barbarians Trials and
team member, Oxfordshire Development
Squad and National Barbarians Side
Girls Hockey:
U13A Oxfordshire Squad
Oxfordshire County U14 Squad
No.1 in the country - 10yr
old boys in 50m Breaststroke and 200m
Individual Medley.
Gold in the U12 County Foil
Championships and Bucks, Berks & Oxon
U12 Championships, Winner of the County
Epée Competition
Silver and Bronze medals at the
Girls IAPS Judo Competition
National Grade 8
Sporting Dragons
D R A G O N S T O D A Y . S P R I N G 2 0 1 1
1,2,3,4,5,6 8,9,10,11,12