Tudor Times at Sulgrave Manor
Lynams trips are plentiful, diverse and always linked to the
curriculum. In October children and staff enjoyed a day at
Sulgrave Manor, Oxfordshire, where they were introduced to
Tudor toys and a variety of musical instruments. They dressed in
Tudor costume, learned a Tudor dance and wrote their names
in Greek. They were shown around the manor’s bed chamber,
kitchen and great hall and were fascinated to hear about how
the Tudors lived and spent time in these different rooms.
Asterix and Profiteroles
au Chocolat
Children celebrated in style in April with a French morning
filled with gastronomic delights and French attire. Dressed
in red, white and blue, they delved into
Impressionist painting and
profiterole making,
played the traditional
game of Boule and
danced the 15th
century children’s
dance ’Sur le
pont d’Avignon’.
Little Dragons
Lynams Go to Market
Year 2 children from the Dragon Pre-prep, Lynams,
braved the wintery weather for their annual trip to
Oxford’s Covered Market in early December. They were
encouraged to buy unusual items and Christmas presents
and challenged to spend no more than three pounds
each. They calculated change, read price tags and
worked out how much money they had left after each
purchase. Through the careful calculations needed for
each purchase, the young shoppers practised their mental
arithmetic in practical situations – despite the distractions
of seasonal decorations and displays in the shops.
Year 3 Joiners
D R A G O N s T O D A Y . s P R I N G 2 0 1 1
Most children join the Dragon Pre-prep, Lynams, in Reception. There
are however further opportunities to start at the school and, for some,
Year 3 entry can be ideal. A number of children, equivalent to a whole
extra class, enter at Year 3 so pupils starting at this age will not be
the only ‘new’ children. Pupils go on to the Dragon in Year 4 so the
preceding year is an excellent opportunity to acclimatise to ‘Dragon
Life’ in the smaller world of the Pre-prep and to cement friendships.
The literacy and numeracy curriculum of Year 4 at the Dragon builds
on Year 3 at the Pre-prep and is closely linked, so children gain
maximum benefit from the experience of both. If you would like to
consider a Year 3 start for your child, the Admissions Office would
be pleased to help with further information on 01865 315405 or
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