Little Dragons
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
From an early age, numbers, shapes and spaces fascinate children. They thrive on
counting games, sorting activities, measuring, and exploring the mathematical
aspects of their everyday lives. Activities such as sorting laundry, making paper
chains or sequencing beads introduce a broad range of experiences in counting.
Discussion and the sharing of ideas is always encouraged and children learn to
appreciate the range of strategies and skills required to solve problems.
All through Lynams, pupils are carefully supported to ensure secure and firm
progression in maths. The practical approach includes sing-songs, sorting and
classifying objects, measuring, and drawing and painting. As they progress children
move from practical understanding to more abstract concepts, working at a pace
that is pitched to reinforce and extend their understanding. Pupils are encouraged
to use a variety of strategies to solve practical mathematical problems and puzzles.
Head Teacher of Lynams Mrs Jane West confirms the importance of learning
the fundamentals of maths at a young age, and of making maths fun. “Most
importantly” says Jane, “ Lynams children gain the confidence to ‘have a go’”.
A World of Maths
Children at the Dragon Pre-prep, Lynams, learn that maths
is all around them as they explore mathematical problems
and make connections across all subjects. Lynams’ aim is
to give pupils the tools to develop a better understanding
of the world of maths and this is tackled both inside and
outside the classrooms.
D R A G O N s T O D A Y . s P R I N G 2 0 1 1
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