In January this year the school’s boarding
was closely examined by a team of
inspectors who visited the school and
declared themselves extremely impressed.
In March they submitted their full report
which gave Dragon boarding a top rating
on every front.
“I am delighted that the Dragon has
received official recognition of the
warm, supportive and happy home it
offers children who board here,” said
Headmaster John Baugh.
The report looked at boarding
from many aspects to ensure that the
environment is secure, healthy and
supportive. The inspectors found
outstanding qualities in every feature they
Outstanding Performance!
“Boarders feel safe and secure”
“Pupils are offered boarding
experiences which are supportive,
nurturing and inclusive”
“The needs of all pupils are at the
centre of the school”
“Channels of communication are
“The school promotes
an ethos of mutual
respect and
Ofsted Inspection
Report 2011
I s s u e 3 . S P R I N G 2 0 1 1
School concert at the Sheldonian Theatre – see page 8
Dragon boarding has been rated ‘outstanding’ on every front by Ofsted.
D R A G O N S T O D A Y . S P R I N G 2 0 1 1
examined: pupils are very well cared for,
safe, and encouraged to take part in all
areas of school and boarding life; the
Dragon provides exceptional leadership,
committed pastoral care and a nurturing
approach; new boarders are given an
excellent induction with staff and pupils
taking great care of newcomers to the
school; the Dragon fosters a philosophy
of mutual respect and co-operation.
The positive boarding experience
was highlighted in all areas and
demonstrates, as the inspectors noted,
that “pupils’ needs are at the heart of the
The full Ofsted Inspection Report
for boarding is available on the school
website – see back page for details.
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