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D R A G O N S T O D AY S P R I N G 2 0 1 7

My School Day

A D R A G O N ’ S S C H O O L D AY

Join Louis Charles, C Block (Year 6) as he goes about his school day at the Dragon.

ouis takes us into his

classroom, across to the

bustling Astroturf by the

School Fields, and down to the

banks of the River Cherwell. At

the end of the day, we visit him

back in his boarding house for a

well deserved rest.

The School’s timetable runs on a ‘Blue’

and ‘Gold’ alternating week structure

consisting of five lessons, plus Activities and

after school Clubs. Each lesson is an hour

long, allowing Louis time to get stuck into

some of his favourite subjects; particularly

Science and Maths. Louis explains his love

of Maths stems from a young age, when his

father use to teach him while he was still

in Nursery.

Louis joined the Dragon in September

2014, and now boards in ourMiddle School

Boarding House, with Houseparents

Kingsley and Jessica Went, along with their

two children and 13 other boys.


08:15-9.30: Lesson 1 - Louis is with his tutor group during

Form Time. They discuss the lessons they love most and

least. The group discussion helps Louis understand why

it is important to put his best effort in to lessons, and

how to maximise enjoyment of his learning.

09.30: Lesson 2 – Louis and his classmates get creative and learn to plan in D&T. He

sketches out his design for a marble slide.

11.00: Lesson 3 – We join Louis in his Science lesson. He learns about

the value of good nutrition and how vitamins play a part in his diet.

12:00 - 13:00: Lunchtime – Joining his friends and a member of staff, Louis enjoys a

balanced, healthy meal to see him through his busy afternoon. He waits for his friends

to finish eating before he goes out to play an energising game of football.

My favourite subjects are

Maths and Science. I want to

be a surgeon when I am a adult.