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D R A G O N S T O D AY S P R I N G 2 0 1 7

We believe that the Dragon, with its

ethos of ordered-freedom, is the perfect

place for this to happen.

For many children, school provides

the only public space where they are

free to make their own choices.

As part of their Global Goals curriculum this half-term, Pre-Prep children have been thinking

about Goal number 11 ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ and its link with the Dragon

value of


During assembly time, all children took part in a school clean-up; picking up litter in

playgrounds, cleaning equipment, sorting their kit in the corridors and checking that all

displays were neat and tidy.

Year 1 kick-started their new group topic ‘Fighting Fit’ with a martial arts Fitness for Fun to

Music session, led by Instructor Marlon. The year enjoyed learning some martial arts moves

and got their pulses racing by learning a dance routine to music. The fast-paced session

lasted for 45 minutes and the children showed great stamina and fitness. Ma Taylor also led

mindfulness sessions for each of the three Year 1 classes. She spoke about how feelings and

thoughts can get stirred up, and how mindfulness can help us to feel calm.

What is gratitude? Year 2 Pre-Prep children found out by running The Gratitude

Café in October 2017. They learned how to write and send an invitation to

their guests, who included parents, grandparents, music teachers, teaching

assistants and the school minibus driver. Linked with their Globe Trotters topic,

children prepared tasty African biscuits, created signs and table decorations and

performed six songs from around the world. They gave their guests gifts they

had made, including crowns, a sash, cakes, paintings and letters. The children

learned that giving can be more joyful than receiving.

In December 2016, Dragons explored how children around the world celebrated Christmas,

with the help of tinsel-clad angels. Year 2, as children from England, left stockings by the

fireplace. Year 3 explored celebrations from six far-flung countries: they carried paper lanterns

and performed a hat dance in China; wore shorts and t-shirts and barbequed on the beach in

Australia; played home-made instruments in Malawi and sported baseball caps in the USA.

Dragons learnt that Polish children look for the first star in the night sky before beginning

festivities while, in Ireland, they light a candle to welcome in people. Singing in intricate

harmonies, the Dragons offered presents to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, sheltering in a stable with

shepherds and the three kings.



Respecting Cities and Communities

Fighting Fit

Gratitude Café

'Children of the World': Christmas Play