D R A G O N S T O D A Y . A U T U M N 2 0 1 1
Boarding Dragons
William’s parents from London
have visited him several times
already. He feels free to
contact them by phone or email
whenever he needs to – which,
he says, isn’t very often.
For William, the Dragon is
a great opportunity to experi-
ence boarding before moving
onto senior school. “I like the
community at the Dragon, my
friends in School House and the
facilities here,” explains William,
who was attracted to the sports
fields on site and the well-
equipped DT and Science Labs.
“I also love being able to swim
all year round. We play football
in our free-time and pool in the
boys’ room in House.” His first
few weeks at the Dragon have
been very busy: “School House
and Gunga Din had a great
first weekend together playing
games in the fields and woods;
this was so much fun at the
beginning of term, it was sunny
and great to meet everyone. I
really can’t believe that I have
only just joined School House
and the Dragon.” As he talks,
boys start a game of table tennis
outside with biscuits and drinks
in one hand and bats in the
other. The bell rings for the end
of bun-break, just enough time
for a quick game before lessons.
Birthday bonanza treat at Charlbury’s
Twister Championships
at Stradlings
Stringer’s celebrate the festival
of the Hindu goddess Durga
Nicholson’s explore the
Cotswold Wildlife Park
Whitty’s have fun on
a summer blackberry
picking walk
Wilson’s enjoy a stroll on
the first weekend of term
Cherwell dress up
for Hallowe’en
competition at
Gunga Din
School House enjoy
International Evening
Summer BBQ at
William, left
“I really can’t believe that I
have only just joined School
House and the Dragon”
Year 7, School House
Dragon Boarding
The Dragon is home to local, national and
international boarders: 20% from London;
45% from Oxford, Oxfordshire and the UK;
and others from further afield, including 20%
who are from British families living overseas.
• Whitty’s – Year 4 & 5 girls
• Stuart-Clark’s – Year 4 & 5 boys
• Nicholson’s – Year 4 & 5 boys
• Wilson’s – Year 4 & 5 boys
• Stringer’s – Year 6 girls
• Charlbury – Year 6 boys
• Stradling’s – Year 6 boys
• Cherwell – Year 7 & 8 girls
• Gunga Din – Year 7 & 8 boys
• School House – Year 7 & 8 boys
Boarding Houses
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