Little Dragons
D R A G O N S T O D A Y . A U T U M N 2 0 1 1
The written word unlocks a limitless world of ideas, experiences
and feelings. For children, literacy skills – reading, writing,
speaking and listening – are the keys to independent learning.
From a child’s first day at the Dragon Pre-Prep, Lynams, literacy
is at the heart of the curriculum and the centre of school life.
Literacy at the
Heart of Learning
The more that you read, the
more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the
more places you’ll go.
Dr. Seuss
The aim of Lynams’ literacy teaching is that children develop not only the desire and confi-
dence to read and write but also a deep knowledge of writing itself. The earliest readers in
Reception learn that every picture tells a story; as they ‘read’ wordless books, children learn
to predict plots, act out characters and interpret images. These initial experiences are crucial
to understanding how words convey meaning. With carefully structured reading, spelling and
the use of phonics programmes, comes the exciting discovery that speech and thought can
be represented by the signs and symbols of writing. Then through the experience that books
can be read, spoken, dramatised and recorded comes even wider understanding.
At Lynams, the essential elements of literacy are reinforced across a curriculum where
success in all subjects is based on the fundamental skills of communication. Competence in
formal writing is developed alongside the craft of cursive script throughout the year groups.
Activities of all kinds develop literacy; in October a special Literature Week extended learning
with projects such as a school newspaper and with visiting authors. Lynams also has its
own librarian and a library which the children visit every week. All of this places a good
command of written and spoken English at the heart of a Dragon Pre-Prep education. Most
importantly, it encourages children to move on from Lynams to the Dragon at Bardwell Road
with the seeds of a lifelong passion for literature and a genuine love of books.
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