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Figuring It Out...
One of only ten independent schools selected
for the study
Good practice in primary
mathematics: evidence from 20 successful
, the Dragon features both for its
teaching techniques and its pupils’ work.
The report looks at how this group of
schools successfully teaches arithmetic, a
key component of mathematics. According
to Ofsted, providing the best grounding in
mathematics at primary school stage is of
fundamental importance to children’s future
success in education, in life and at work.
The report seeks to identify character-
istics of effective practice in building the
secure knowledge, skills and understanding of
numbers that lead to fluency in calculation,
problem solving and mathematical reasoning.
In addition to looking at teaching methods,
the report also examines the choices pupils
make when presented with calculations and
problems to solve. As well as differences
between the schools, some key common
factors emerge which Ofsted suggests might
usefully be more widely replicated.
The Dragon has been cited as a national example of best practice in the teaching of Maths by Ofsted.
The Dragon’s approach to maths teaching is highlighted on page 7 of this issue of
Dragons Today
The examples here provide a
valuable tool for all primary
schools in England – I hope
they will take the opportunity
to learn from the best
practice available.
Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Miriam
Rosen, Ofsted Report November 2011
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