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Sporting Dragons
Good Nights In –
Great Days Out
Fun evenings in House and outings of all kinds for boarders continued as the
days drew out. Shown here are just a few of the entertaining evenings and
diverting days enjoyed by boarding boys and girls with their housemates in the
spring and summer months
Stringer’s at the Museum of Natural History
Gunga Din music night
Nicholson’s sailing
Cherwell trip to Hyde Park Barracks
Charlbury talent night
School House summer games
Stradling’s international night
Stuart-Clark’s garden bbq
Dewar’s dressing up
Emma Whitty
House parent and tutor to twenty two
Year 6 girls in Stringer’s House and
a Science teacher, Emma joined the
Dragon in 2009 to teach Science and
English. She is married to Andrew,
who helps run things in House.
What brought you to the Dragon?
post caught my eye because of the unusual
name! I visited and loved it. It was a big move
from Scotland but the children are lovely, the
facilities outstanding, my colleagues are great
– who wouldn’t want to work here?
What led you to teach?
I love seeing
children make progress and gain confidence.
I studied Educational Psychology at
Liverpool before mentoring pupils at a city
comprehensive in Nottingham. Many of
the children had no confidence; they were
attracted by a gang culture that appeared
to offer support but in reality conflicted
with their educational needs. We built
relationships, worked through difficult times
and most went on to pass their GCSEs.
It changed their lives and mine - I knew I
wanted to teach. After training, I became a
boarding tutor to 16-year-old boys and then a
primary teacher in Falkirk.
Your favourite lesson?
Science, particularly
chemistry – children get very excited working
with Bunsen burners and other science
kit! I also love Circle Time – the open but
confidential forum where we focus in a
relaxed way on values, anxieties and opinions.
What’s changed since you were
at school?
I wish I was a pupil now –
particularly at the Dragon, where everyone
is encouraged to shine. Technology has also
changed things. In my day, for instance,
there were no whiteboards which today really
get children involved. There is also a greater
understanding of children’s needs; learning
support now is very different.
What do you do outside the classroom?
I ran ‘Summer Dragons’ here at school in
August. This is great fun and very rewarding:
children from local primary schools who
might benefit get to experience two weeks
designed to reconnect them with the
enjoyment of learning. I also coach games,
run cooking activities and sing – I sang in
the school sing-through of
Les Miserables
And a friend and I ran the Dragon’s fun run
for Sport Relief as celebrities – she was Katie
Price and I was Peter André!
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