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Summer Sports
U13A team setting the example by losing
just once. On the tennis courts, too, the girls
were busier than ever: of thirty-eight separate
matches played by various teams twenty-four
were won and a particular highlight was the
Dragon U12 1st pair winning the Malvern
College U13 Tournament. Head of Boys’
Tennis Rob Overend selected as many boys
as possible for the opportunities open to
them and some superb matches were played.
The 1st VI lost just once, to older players at
Abingdon Senior School. One Dragon boy
also represented Oxfordshire at the Boodles
National Tournament and in the County
Athletics saw more victories. The boys
won the Caldicott Trophy for the 4th year
running; at Stowe’s inaugural meeting for
prep schools the squad came home with four
trophies; Years 7 and 8 added to the haul
at Farleigh and, together with the girls, the
entire squad won the Pinewood meeting for
the first time. The girls were narrowly beaten
at various meetings but provided one star
of the circuit who broke two more school
records, taking her tally to fourteen, jumping
1.50m in the high jump and 4.90m in the
long jump. The last of these she achieved
whilst winning a gold medal at the National
Finals. It should also be noted that the U10
boys’ 4x100m relay squad finally bettered a
Dragon record that had stood unbroken since
In the last issue of Dragons Today we
noted the Dragon’s growing swimming
success and are pleased to report that thirty-
three swimmers qualified for the National
IAPS Finals in May. The U10 Boys Medley
Relay squad achieved bronze, the U13 Girls
Freestyle and Medley Relay squads won silver
medals and a Dragon girl won silver in the
U12 25m Butterfly. Overall, the girls’ came
7th in the IAPS rankings, the entire squad
11th (or 8th amongst the co-ed schools).
It is not only in the major team sports
that summer saw success. In judo three
bronze and two silver medals were won at the
IAPS finals in High Wycombe. In fencing
a Dragon came 15th in the English Youth
Fencing Championships.
Cricket continues to grow: the summer’s 119
matches represented an increase particularly
for those at the lower end of the school. The
tally of 66% won, 18% drawn and only 16%
lost indicates the very positive cricket the
Dragon plays. The Snapdragons, 1 Game,
Colts C and 3 Game sides all had 100%
winning records whilst the 2nd XI, Colts A
and Colts B sides lost just once each. The 1st
XI won seven and drew four from fourteen
matches - and across the school there were 32
half-centuries in total.
At county level six Dragons were selected
for Oxfordshire’ s U11, 12 and 13 summer
cricket squads and one for the Middlesex
U11. There were also 18 boys playing district
cricket (one level below county) nine of whom
turned out for North Oxfordshire and became
Summer also brings the rounders season
for the girls. Forty-two of the seventy-nine
matches the girls played were won with the
With Sports Day on July 10 an impressive sporting year came to a close. In
all, a record 847 matches had been played in rugby, football, hockey, cricket,
netball, rounders, tennis, swimming and athletics. There were also matches
in riding, badminton, squash, fencing, fives, golf, real tennis, table-tennis,
sailing, judo and sculling.
Sporting Dragons
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