Little Dragons
Year 3 Joiners
Most children join the Dragon Pre-
prep Lynams in Reception. There
are however further opportunities
to start at the school and, for
some, Year 3 entry can be ideal.
A number of children, equivalent
to a whole extra class, enter at
Year 3 so pupils starting at this
age will not be the only ‘new’
children. Pupils go on to the
Dragon in Year 4 so the preceding
year is an excellent opportunity to
acclimatise to ‘Dragon Life’ in the
smaller world of the Pre-prep and
to cement friendships. The literacy
and numeracy curriculum of Year
4 at the Dragon builds on Year 3 at
the Pre-prep and is closely linked,
so children gain maximum benefit
from the experience of both. If you
would like to consider a Year 3 start
for your child the Admissions Office
would be pleased to help with
further information on
01865 315405 or
Granny Goes
to School
Grandparents’ Day at Lynams in May
was an especially warm occasion.
This chance for grandparents
to get a real feel for what their
grandchildren do all day is very
popular. It is also a wonderful
opportunity for the older and
younger generations to
share school experiences
– and to realise that while
much has changed there
are many values that are
just the same despite the
passing decades.
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