Little Dragons
A World of
Summer term at the Dragon Pre-prep
Lynams saw all the children using
their imaginations and thinking about
issues that affect our world. Special
trips developed classroom learning:
Year 1 studied rain forests before going
to the Living Rainforest in Berkshire
to imagine the trees of distant lands; a
trip to the ancient and lovely setting of
Broughton Castle for Year 2 brought
history and geography magically to
life; Year 3 tested their theories of
water flow and meander on the River
Cherwell using dog biscuits (they
float!) and enjoyed a hands-on trip
to the University Museum of Natural
History in Oxford to study rocks with
the aid of prehistoric samples, drama
and the odd Mars bar.
Back at school, there were further
worlds of discovery. From planting up
reused flower pots, making bird seed
cake and enjoying home-grown lettuce
sandwiches to raising over £5,000 for
the Haiti earthquake appeal (with their
specially written and recorded CD
‘Our World’), the children thought
about the planet they live on and their
personal responsibilities to it. Following
the term’s theme of ‘Let’s Imagine’,
Reception created a fantasy world of
mermaids and pirates to mark the end
of their first school year. The mythical
world was discovered through Year 3’s
lively and ambitious production of
Pandora’s Box
which brought ancient
Greece to life. Further intangible
worlds were encountered: the character
and thoughts of others (famous and
infamous) through the hard-fought
balloon debates and the realms of
thought and philosophy through the
thinking skills programme. All these
strands came together in assemblies
where the theme ‘Our World’ ran
through a happy term.
Lynams’ sports day in July delivered
superb weather and outstanding
efforts from keen young Dragons.
Children and parents arrived at the
Dragon school fields in time to enjoy
family picnic lunches. With both
individual challenges and a carousel
of activities for teams, every child
played his or her part. Competition,
team spirit and fun were evident in
equal measure as the enthusiastic
spectators cheered them on. In the
final scoring, the yellow team proved
the happy victors.
Sports Day
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