We are delighted to report an outstanding
99% pass rate at Common Entrance
(CE) from the year group as well as some
notable individual achievements for best
performance in the exam such as chemistry,
geography and Latin prizes at Rugby
and Cheltenham and a starred CE pass
to Eton. In addition, an outstanding list
of 38 scholarships and awards to senior
schools was won by the leaving boys and
girls. Among the long list of academic, all
rounder, classics, art, music and sports
exhibitions and scholarships, Dragon pupils
achieved the 2
and 5
Eton Scholarships
this year.
The diverse accolades awarded at Prize
Giving in July also demonstrated the ability
and individuality of the Dragon’s Year
8. The Dragon Awards, which recognise
a breadth of interests, achievements and
responsibilities across the school and service
to the wider community, are a particular
feature of life in the Upper School. Pupils
had responded energetically to this scheme
over the last two years and 55 children
received the Gold Award this summer. The
Headmaster’s Prizes for year-round effort
and Form Prizes for endeavour and good
example given to Years 7 and 8 further
underlined the success of the school’s wish
for every pupil to try his or her best and
to learn to set a good example to younger
I s s u e 2 . A U T U M N 2 0 1 0
Leavers Leap Ahead
It is a pleasure to
congratulate the leavers
on some outstanding
results: they have all
passed successfully into
some thirty different
schools. Their significant
number of awards and
scholarships is also a real
testament to the hard
work put in by them and
their teachers – I am
delighted for everyone
John Baugh, Headmaster
Summer 2010 saw exemplary performances from Year 8 in their final year at the Dragon.
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