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D R A G O N S T O D AY S U MM E R 2 0 1 6

as hand-washing and brushing teeth

to encourage them to take personal

responsibility for their health and hygiene.

The children enjoy using the special

machine that shows how clean their hands

are after washing them and using tablets

that stain teeth to see if they are clean after

brushing. The DHC is also responsible for

training all Houseparents and other staff

on how to support children to help them

manage their chronic medical conditions,

for example asthma or diabetes, and provide

ongoing support and guidance.

With our dedicated and experienced team

of medical professionals, parents can rest

assured that their children will be safe and

secure, in sickness and in health.

DHC is always there for us, no matter

when. They will always try to help you.

Thank you very much.

Zane, C Block

The DHC helped me when I sprained

my ankle, they went out of their way to

make sure I was happy. That’s why the

DHC is the best and will always help

when needed!

Lucia, B Block

Thank you to the fantastic staff of

the DHC for looking after my son,

identifying that he was ill and caring

for him - you have been brilliant.

When we took him to the GP, she said

the medical report was very helpful

and the best she had seen from a

school. We really appreciate all that

the team have done.

Mother of child in B Block

Dragon Health Centre:

caring for your child

Doctors at the Summertown Health Centre

hold a surgery for an hour three times a

week, and Chris is also supported by a team

of nurses; Antonia Codrington, responsible

for Epipens in school, Claire Nicholson,

responsible for Pre-Prep and infections in

school and Miranda Holdship, responsible

for diabetes. The team also work closely

with the Social and Emotional Learning

team, sharing relevant information and any

safeguarding concerns.

The biggest challenge is containing an

infectious disease outbreak, such as the

recent Norovirus. As soon as a sick child

is identified, the nursing team make sure

that his or her medical needs are met with

empathy and kindness. They keep children

isolated in the Health Centre, or arrange for

the parents to pick them up and look after

them at home. On their return, children

are gently reintroduced to lessons and have

regular check-ups. Children with chronic

conditions are supported by the nurses who

make sure that they take their

regular medication.

The nurses also give informal talks in

Boarding Houses on the changes children

might expect through puberty, as well



hris Cookson, Lead Nurse, has been nursing since 1981 and began to practise nursing

in 1985. She has worked in a large medical centre in Germany and on medical wards in

hospitals, and as a nurse prescriber and practitioner specialising in managing Asthma and

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease). Chris is responsible for managing the department

in minor illnesses and injuries.