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D R A G O N S T O D AY S U MM E R 2 0 1 6


Confident and Settled

You may have some misgivings; in our

experience, parents of children who

start boarding young usually do. It is

important to do your own research

and to discuss your thoughts with

your child so that you can make an

informed decision. At the Dragon,

however, the ultimate endorsement

of junior boarding comes from the

children themselves. We know, from

the number of day pupils who request

to board themselves, that boarding is a

happy and productive experience.

A positive boarding experience, in

small family-run Houses, is a wonderful

way to start the boarding experience.

By the time our Dragons leave, they

are prepared for boarding at their

senior schools and this too becomes a

happy experience. This is part of the

reason that the Dragon is a well-known

feeder school to many of the best

public schools in England. In 2016, 16

children moved on to Eton, a further

16 to Marlborough, nine to Rugby,

eight to Radley, seven to Wycombe

Abbey and four to Harrow (among

many others).

The Dragon provides a dynamic, but

still quintessentially English

co-educational boarding environment

in which pupils can thrive – whether

they live nearby, elsewhere in the UK

or in far-flung corners of the world.

Before you make this important family

decision, we believe it is essential that

you visit the Dragon where the Senior

Management and Admissions teams

are on hand to answer any further

questions you may have. We would be

delighted to see you at one of our next

Open Days (see page 12).

Please contact Admissions on:

+44(0)1865 315 405.

“…the Dragon ‘opened up’ and

enhanced our children’s most valuable

virtues, providing them with the essential

tools for future challenges. It gave them

self-confidence; it made them appreciate

multi-cultural values; it taught them the

importance of earning respect among

peers and superiors, in all with little

emotional cost – if any – as they always

felt ‘at home’ despite it being their first

boarding experience.”

Jose Manual Entrecanales Domecq and

Maria Carrion, Parents