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D R A G O N S T O D AY S U MM E R 2 0 1 6


hoosing junior boarding

for your child is a big

decision for many

families, especially if they do

not come from a traditional

boarding background. The

Dragon’s Headmaster, John

Baugh, makes the case for Junior


There are still myths to demolish about

boarding: boarders are not ‘sent away’;

denied contact with their families or

subjected to cold showers – far from it.

For parents, the challenge today is to

protect their children while giving

them space to grow up. When it

comes to boarding at a junior school

age, there can be deeper anxieties to

address. Parents want their children

to become successful and productive

citizens, of course, but also to be well-

balanced, emotionally resilient and,

above all, happy. Parents are

concerned about their children

boarding at a young age; and

understandably so.

In an increasingly complex and fast-

moving society, modern boarding can

provide the very safety and security that

parents want for their children. At the

Dragon, children are immersed in a

nurturing environment. They learn to

be socially adaptable while developing

independent thought, spirit and

motivation; all in a child-focused space

supported by caring and, most of all,

committed adults.

Welcoming and Homely

Boarding facilities for younger boarders

are welcoming, homely and full of

personal possessions. Children have

cosy shared bedrooms, space for games

and comfortable areas to relax, read

and watch TV. There are gardens for

football, conkers and barbecues, and

all the space of the fields when school

has ended - which gives boarders scope

for childhood play.

Houseparents live with their own

children in attractive family houses and

make the boarders feel at home. In a

school like the Dragon, Houseparents

provide a genuine home life at school

for the children; they are indeed

in loco


. Boarders come back to House

during the day and Houseparents get to

know them very well. There is frequent

communication with home about

personal and school matters and a very

well-established system of support from

matrons, energetic young assistant

teachers, classroom teachers and

year group heads for any troubles or

anxieties. Boarders identify with their

House family and their friends. From

my many years’ personal experience,

I know boarders are productively and

creatively occupied and cheerful, as

children should be. Dragon boarding

means regular Exeats, weekend leave

outs, long half-terms and holidays

– and many families report that

because prep and homework are

done at school, their families’ lives are

enriched and more enjoyable as the

children relax and enjoy quality family

time together when at home.


We would recommend boarding at the

Dragon to anyone considering a private

education. Our children have gained in

confidence and maturity and are well

prepared for moving on to boarding at

senior school.”

Adrian and Anne Flowers, Parents

Is Junior Boarding Right for Your Child?

“We most certainly

recommend the Dragon

to prospective parents

who are in the process

of selecting the right

boarding school for their

child in the UK. We are

very happy with how our

son was nurtured and

how his confidence and

independence were built

along the way so that he

blossomed to be his best.”

Ray Ng and Claudia Pang,