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D R A G O N S T O D AY S U MM E R 2 0 1 6


Sports Day

As the sun shone down on the final days

of term, we once again enjoyed one of the

great Dragon traditions; the Dragon Festival

of Athletics. The festival takes over the

school fields over three Sports Days and

builds to an exciting day of finals on the

very last day of term. Parents and family

members join us to cheer and support,

creating a joyful atmosphere at the end of

term. This is very much part of the rite of

passage for our leavers, making their last

day of school a most memorable one.

The School’s two sporting principles of

excellence and participation are married

together in perfect harmony during this

great celebration of sport. From the whole-

class tug-o-war contests that energise

the E Block, the shuttle relays that see

140 children competing in the space of

five minutes, and through to the iconic

Obstacle Race – which must be seen to

be believed – every child takes part as an

individual or as part of a team. To watch

the Dragon’s staff members complete the

course with such enthusiasm and energy

is to see the Dragon spirit in microcosm

and further inspires and encourages the

children to enjoy the experience of taking

part in a joyful sporting event.

Individual athletic excellence is

celebrated too, of course, in the traditional

way, with the full range of athletics

competitions which test and challenge our

Children’s Achievements at the Dragon

• Dragon running continues to go from strength to strength. We now have a number of girls who compete at the Oxford City Athletics

Club, in their aptly named ‘Pocket Rockets group’. Congratulations to: Clover de Jonge, Holly and Beth Hunter, Katie Jeans and Bryony Strickland.

• Over the Easter holidays, Octavia Steiger (B Block) won the U12 British Women’s Ski Cross Championship. This is a real achievement, being her first

Ski Cross event (an Olympic sport). Well done to Octavia for her great success.

• In April 2016 Oscar Briggs and Ollie Coulcher-Porter (C Block) represented Oxfordshire U11 squash at the regional and then the national Inter County

Festival. The team finished 11th out of 28 teams.

• Taran Pal Bola has been known for his excellent engagement in philanthropy. On 0 March 2016 he completed a Triathlon in 50:55 minutes and

raised an incredible £722.00 for Sports Relief.

“I believe, if all of us, young or old, did something, however small, for those who live in poverty there will

be no hunger in our world. Set yourself a challenge, it doesn’t have to be anything big, but it will make a huge difference. You could start with a 1km walk;

it would still help. When I did my Triathlon on Sunday 20 March, I had to dig deep in my heart or I would have given up.”

• Henry Rose (A Block) and his companions in the English team competed at the 2016 World Bridge Youth Championships in Italy in Summer 2016.

They made it to the quarter finals and finished in an impressive 8th place. Well done Henry.

• Fin Brickman A Block won Dauntsey’s annual Dodechedron Competition - a highly respected maths competition. Over 1,000 candidates competed, of

which a total of 33 finalists from 17 different schools took part. An incredible achievement.

• Freya Bearn (B Block) had her poem

‘What Shape Would You Be?’

published in the


in April 2016. She is the first child to ever have a

written article published in this magazine - what a fantastic achievement.

What Shape Would You Be?

If you were a shape, what shape would you be?

Would you have corners – one, two and three?

You’d be a triangle, just like me.

Now if I were a shape, what shape would I be?

Apart from a triangle with corners to three.

Would I be a square, or a kite, or who knows

Would I be a mystery – a mystery that grows?

So big that all other mysteries dissolve

Into this one big mystery that no one can solve.

Freya Bearn

most competitive Dragons. In addition,

every sports day ends with 100m Sprints

and the Bannister Challenge – an attempt

by Dragon’s finest to recreate the four-

minute mile via an 8x200 relay (the best we

have done is 4:04).

Dragon Sports Day promotes

participation and encourages excellence

and embodies the Dragon sporting vales of

respect, courage and discipline. With one

of our ODs returning from Rio with a silver

medal from her fifth consecutive Olympic

Games – Frances Houghton (OD 1993) in

the women’s rowing eight - who’s to say that

this summer won’t be the springboard for

more Olympic dreams?