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D R A G O N S T O D AY S U MM E R 2 0 1 6

Outdoor learning provides endless

opportunities and caters for all learning

styles and interests. Forest Schools sessions

at St Edward’s are greatly enjoyed by

children in Reception and Year 1, while

gardening afternoons at the Prep are

productive, both in terms of learning and

the vegetable and plant yield. Reception

children busily and eagerly explore their

new outdoor play and learning area.

Maximising opportunities for outdoor

learning and play will be our main focus

for the year ahead.

Maximising opportunities for outdoor

learning and play will be our main

focus for the year ahead.

Over the past year, the Massage in Schools

programme has provided children in

Reception with an opportunity for creative

learning, helping to equip them with

crucial life skills. The children are taught

a set of gentle, basic moves which follow

a story and which they perform on each

other. As well as benefiting social skills and

showing the importance of gentle touch,

the emphasis is on consent. The child

being massaged has a clear choice to make

and that choice must be respected.

The Expressive Arts are integral to

creative development and to everything

we do at the Pre-Prep. The children

experience many opportunities to play

musical instruments, to sing, to perform in

assemblies, concerts and year group plays,

and to build, paint, create and programme

in ICT. Through these activities they

develop teamwork, resilience, patience,

determination and confidence.

As staff at the Pre-Prep, we like to have

the opportunity to experiment with new

ideas, learn new skills, be curious and open

minded and, very importantly, to have fun.

If we are modelling these behaviours, the

children will maximise and maintain their

own levels of enjoyment and creativity

in their learning throughout their school

careers, and beyond.

Little Dragon Big Difference

Reception were visited by Mr George Hedges, Secretary of

ROSY charity ((Respite Care for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters)

during the Easter Term. He wanted to thank them for all the

hard work they had put in last term to raise money for their

charity. Reception explained how they had written recipes and

invitations, baked Easter nests, made cheese and cucumber

sandwiches and squeezed lemons for lemonade to sell at their

‘Tiger Who Came to Tea’ themed party for friends and family.

Mr Hedges explained to the children where their money would be going and how it would help

children who are very ill.


Year 1 ended their topic ‘Blitzed’ with a VE Day street party. The

children and staff dressed up in 1940s clothing, made party hats,

ate food that they had prepared following war time recipes and

had fun dancing to Glenn Miller and other war time favourites.

Following on from this topic, Year 1 reflected on all those people

who have been affected by war as they planned their charity

fundraising event. The children were set the task of finding an

unwanted item at home and giving it a make-over, ready to sell

at our ‘Make Do and Mend’ sale. After learning about the many

charities that support people affected by war, the children voted

to donate any funds they raised to the ‘War Child’ charity. The

children also learnt about different charities who support people

affected by war and voted to donate the £200 they raised to the

‘War Child’ charity.

Year 2 Talk Politics

Over the Summer Term Year 2 had a weekly News

and Current Affairs assembly. During the month

of June the European Union and the upcoming

Referendum was a very topical discussion. The

children learned about what the EU Referendum

was and discussed their thoughts. At the end, the

children voted to decide whether we should stay

in or leave the EU. The children were engaged

throughout and shared insightful thoughts and

opinions happily. The overwhelming majority

thought that it was best to stay in, giving reasons of

trade and support if we were to go to war.

Year 3 Balloon Debate: The Finals

Picture the scene: a hot air balloon, overloaded with characters from history, myth or fiction.

The balloon is sinking fast and only four characters can stay in … each Year 3 child explained

to their class why their character should stay in the balloon; the class then voted for their two

favourite characters, leaving eight finalists.

On finals day we had Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the

internet, Willy Wonka, Athena, Goddess of wisdom, war and

crafts, Walt Disney, Kung-Fu Panda and most gratifyingly,

some of our teachers. The finalists, dressed as their characters,

put their case to stay in the balloon. Year 3 listened attentively

and respectfully to each persuasive argument, enlivened with

humour, threats and bribes. The children put some tough

questions to each finalist. When the votes were counted, the

lucky (and persuasive) survivors were Tim Berners Lee, Athena,

Willy Wonka and Kung Fu Panda.