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In 1877, the founding Headmaster, Rev Arthur

Clarke, a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford,

started classes in Black Hall in St Giles’ with 14

boys – all children of University dons. When in

1886, Clarke died suddenly from pneumonia, his

colleague, Charles ‘Skipper’ Lynam, borrowed

£2,000 to purchase the School. As Headmaster,

Skipper introduced plays, concerts and sporting

activities to the academic programme. In

broadening the curriculum and abandoning

the Eton Collar, he established the culture of

‘informal rigour’ that has remained a core part of

the School’s approach to this day.

Alfred ‘Hum’ Lynam - Skipper’s younger brother

-became Headmaster in 1920. Between 1939 and

1945 numbers increased from 320 to over 400.

Joc, Hum’s son, shared the post of Headmaster

from 1942. He retained Skipper’s philosophy:

A tradition of

putting children first

n September 2017, Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn

will join a long line of Headmasters of the

Dragon School. He will continue to nurture

the Dragon’s unique learning culture that puts

children’s needs at its heart.

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“We have failed, unless we have helped the boy to develop

his mind and his capacities in his own way. Unless we have

given him full scope for all the imagination and originality

that is in him.”

Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn, Headmaster 2017

Alfred ‘Hum’ Lynam,

Headmaster 1920-1942

Rev Arthur Clarke, Headmaster 1877-1886

Charles ‘Skipper’ Lynam,

Headmaster 1886-1920