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Day Boarders will use the Changers as

normal and Games/PE kit will be kept

in school. In the event that Games kit

needs to be laundered whilst a pupil is

Day Boarding, we will attend to this

in House.

All boarders – whether parents are

based overseas or not - appoint a

Guardian. In the case of parents who

normally live in the UK, the Guardian

is only there in case of emergencies

or for when parents travel outside of

the UK. We recommend that parents

appoint a Guardian who the family

knows well.

Priority will go to those who wish to

board for four nights a week. After

that, boarding in a previous term will

be taken into account. Confirmation of

a Day Boarding place will be by email.

If a Full Boarding place is available, the

switch can be made in the same term.

No changes are necessary to your

existing contract with the School.

Please note that no additional deposit

is required for Day Boarding.

Once your son or daughter becomes

a Day Boarder at No. 14, a House

handbook will be sent to you. This

will give you detailed information

about the daily running of the Day

Boarding House.

The Day Boarding Handbook will also

be available on the school website.