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There is a House telephone and each

child has a pin number which they can

use to call you direct. You are welcome

to phone

your son or daughter

or to

call the Houseparents directly to speak

to them on any matters concerning


The day room also has computers and

children are able to access their school

email accounts after 4:15pm. You may

use their school email address to email


Matters to do with your son or

daughter’s academic work should be

discussed with their Formtaker. If

there are issues that relate to their

boarding, then their Formtaker will

contact us directly.

If your child is feeling unwell in the

school day, they will go to the

Dragon Health Centre (DHC) as


If a child is unwell after school the

Houseparents will liaise with staff

in the DHC and where appropriate,

contact you to discuss. Day Boarders

will not be expected to register with the

School GP Practice. If your child takes

regular medication, we will oversee its

administration in House.

Whilst they are boarding, Day Boarders

will be expected to be in school

after 4:15pm unless there are special


If your child currently has private

tuition outside school (not an After

School Club) we recommend that

where appropriate, you rearrange the

day of your child’s tuition.