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You are welcome to come and have

a tour of the Day Boarding House

and meet the Houseparents. This will

provide you with an opportunity to

ask questions and feel comfortable

about making the right decision. If

you decide that you would like your

son or daughter to do some Day

Boarding then you will be able to book

up for the term ahead. We recommend

that you book between two and four

nights per week in order to get a full

flavour of boarding life at the school.

Priority will go to those who wish to

board for four nights per week. There

is no Saturday night boarding.

For further information or to book a

place please contact Kate Heath at

or call 01865 315405.

The fees per term for Day Boarding are

as follows:

(1 night per week - £565)

2 nights per week - £1,130

3 nights per week - £1,695

4 nights per week - £2,260

This charge will be added to the school

bill in advance as normal.

This will include everything a Full

Boarder would normally have after

school during the week, with the

exception of weekend activities

and some After School Clubs.

On their boarding nights, a small

suitcase or holdall should be

delivered at the house after parents

have dropped their children at

school. This should contain a

change of uniform, some

nightwear, a wash bag and any

medication that they are taking.

After school, boarders change into

casual clothes, and a set of these

should also be packed when

coming to stay. The children have a

place to keep their clothes in their

bedroom, and a locker in the day

room. Most children also like to

bring special something - perhaps a

toy or photograph – when they are

away from home, and we welcome

them to bring these along, together

with a reading book. All items

should be clearly named and

packed into their bag.

We will provide all bedding and will

oversee laundry in House.