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Day Boarders remain as day children

during the normal school day. After

breakfast they go into school, keeping

the same Formtaker and using the

Changers for PE and Games in the

usual way. They return to House after

school if they are staying the night.

From 4:15pm the routine is the same

as Full Boarders: tea at House, a Club

in school, or time for relaxation at

House or in school with other boarding

friends. Supper is taken in the Dining

Hall and afterwards boarders complete

their prep in school, supervised

by teaching staff. Dormstakers are

members of teaching staff who help

the Houseparents during the evenings

after prep. They meet the children after

prep and will take them for an activity

such as a swim or games in the gym, or

something back at House.

The Houseparents will look after

the Day Boarders after 4:15pm and

will contact parents if they have any

concerns or questions they wish to

share. Charlotte White is the

resident Matron. She will support

the running of the House and the

pastoral care of the children.

Day Boarders will have the same

routine as Full Boarders after 4:15pm:

tea in House, After School Clubs or free

time – where they will be able to mix

with all other boarders – supper, staff

supervised prep and dorms activities.