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ODs making an impact

around the world...

Jasper Hadman (OD 1996)

Jasper works for Rise Foundation, a small

NGO based in Erbil, northern Iraq. Rise

is an information link between vulnerable

conflict-affected communities and the aid

and advocacy power of NGOs, consulates,

Eugenie Teasley (OD 1994)

As CEO of the Robin & Sylvia Goodall

Charitable Foundation (tGF), Eugenie heads

up a grant-giving organisation established

to seed-fund and support sustainable global

projects that empower people to change

their lives for the better. Projects include

outward-bound trips for unaccompanied

asylum-seeking youths in the UK, life skills

programmes for children across the Middle

East and North Africa, and a Head Teacher

leadership programme in Tanzania.

Eugenie has worked in the United States,

Malaysia, Australia, East Africa, India and the

Middle East. She is exploring how a charitable

mind-set can be developed into a more-

than-profit strategic model for traditional

companies. She lives in Brighton with her

American husband and their two sons. See or write to her at .

Matilda Cooper (OD 1996)

Matilda works for the International

Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),

whose mandate is to protect the lives

and dignity of people affected by armed

conflict. As an independent and neutral

organisation, the ICRC has dialogue

with all parties in the conflict in order

to access, assist and protect all victims

regardless of their ethnicity, religion,

politics or background. The ICRC was

established over 150 years ago, and is

the founder of the Red Cross and Red

Crescent movement, of which the British

Red Cross is a part.

Having spent four years in Damascus,

Matilda is a fluent Arabic speaker. She has

worked with people affected by conflict

in South Sudan, Gaza and Lebanon. She

is currently based in Myanmar as Deputy

Head of Office in Shan state.

donors and UN agencies. Jasper drives

out to newly liberated areas – currently

in and around Mosul – and reports on

the humanitarian situation, including

displacement, the needs of civilians, their

treatment by security forces, and access

and security considerations.

Jasper developed a restlessness to do

things that feel worthwhile at the Dragon.

He says, “Despite the turmoil in which

the country is enveloped, the unwavering

hospitality, friendliness and resilience of

Iraqis are things I would encourage anyone

to come out and experience.”