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2017 · ISSUE 6



In 2000, Patrick Baddeley (OD 1967)

and his late daughter Katie (2002), were

members of a group of 45 pupils, parents

and staff from the Dragon who went out

to Kolkata to spend two weeks to play

and work with former street children in

the care of Tim Grandag, the founder of

children’s charity, Future Hope.

Patrick retired at the end of 2015.

On 2 October 2016, he started walking

from Kanya Kumari, at the very

southern tip of India, up the east coast

to Kolkata. He arrived in Kolkata on 24

February 2017, having covered in excess

of 2,500 kilometres. The walk, dubbed

the K Walk in memory of Katie, raised

over £12,000 for Future Hope.

Patrick and his family have

supported Future Hope ever since.

Patrick’s wife, Lucy, (Staff 2000-2008)

whom he met at the Dragon, is the

sister of ODs Tom, Martyn, Brian

and Owen Lloyd. His nephew, Robin

(son of Tim Baddeley (1969)), and his

daughter, Bubble (2007), have worked

as volunteers at Future Hope.

Dragons bring hope to the

street children of Kolkata

What is your ambition now?

Next year we are opening a project in Port

Elizabeth, in East London and in a small

town in Liberia. Our ambition is to go

global, targeting post-conflict countries.

What influence has the Dragon had

on your career?

When I was 12, I went on a Dragon trip

which exposed me to a different society

and an appreciation that our situation was

not the norm. At school, we were always

encouraged to use our education to do

something a little more creative and to

give back to society. I think this rubbed off

on many of us – my trustees are Dragons:

Danny Gill, Tim Vaines, Simon John and

Mark Wingfield Digby.

What memories do you have of

the Dragon?

The Bunbreak scrabble for biscuits –

you had to be fit to get them! Sport was huge

for me and I have vivid memories of Sports

Days. I remember the trips to the Cevennes

and, of course, the teachers.

What advice would you give to

young Dragons?

If you want to set up a charity, just give it a

go. Don’t wait for funding. Don’t over-think

and over-worry. If you try to get all your

ducks in a row, you’ll never start.

As a result of our on-going

relationship with the charity, Jeeban

Bose, a former street child who spent

his childhood years at Future Hope,

became a ‘Stooge’ (Assistant Teacher)

at the Dragon for a year. He has gone

on to build a family of his own and a

successful career working in schools

in Kolkata.

Future Hope, based in Kolkata,

provides a safe home and a loving

family environment for about

350 children. By the end of 2017,

Future Hope will have worked with

750 young people with the aim of

breaking the poverty cycle through

the provision of outstanding pastoral

care, as well as providing healthcare

and excellence in education through

their school.

The Dragon continues to support

Future Hope through sales of Café

Dragon Tea from the Behora Estate

in India, part of the Ethical Tea