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2017 · ISSUE 6



Wendy Baugh

A Champion

for the Wellbeing of Children

Wendy Baugh, as Director of Safeguarding, has

evolved the Dragon’s approach to safeguarding

and balanced these responsibilities with her

active role as the Headmaster’s wife. Her

diplomacy, warmth and genuine interest

in people, together with her discretion and

professionalism, have enabled Wendy to blend

the two roles seamlessly.

Ensuring children are safe and secure

and are always treated kindly, while retaining

independence and freedom, has been

Wendy’s focus throughout her time at the

Dragon. With an understanding of children’s

emotional needs, Wendy developed a modern

vision of family boarding which focused

on the emotional health of all the children

and embraced the Family Links* Nurturing

Programme. Retaining the informal warmth

of the Dragon culture as you know it has been

equally important. Today, boarding houses

have a reflective and empathic approach to

children’s wellbeing. They are ‘homes from

homes’ where children can return for Bun

Break and at lunchtimes, and where they feel

safe, respected, nurtured and valued.

The role of Director of Safeguarding

requires courage, knowledge and resilience.

As the Independent Schools’ representative on

the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Board, Wendy

established long and lasting relationships with

the wider community and has become an

expert in safeguarding, which today has many

demanding legislative requirements.

Wendy has a knack of plugging-in to the

experience of a child. Her ability to suspend

judgement and maintain relationships with

the whole family through challenging times

is a genuine gift. Through Wendy’s expertise,

time, care and training, many children and

families have found a new and positive path

when things have felt hopeless. The Dragon

has always been a caring community; however,

Wendy’s deep understanding of children’s

changing emotional needs as they develop

has helped to create an even more reflective

culture of respect, kindness and nurturing.

I doubt any of the staff, or parents,

understand and appreciate just howWendy

has managed to maintain the balance between

her varied and challenging roles within the

School. Full days have often been followed

by an evening of entertaining, whether that

be for staff, parents, children, fundraising, or

spreading the word about the Dragon.

Wendy's sense of fun has been a joy for

those of us who have worked closely with

her, and for the many children and staff who

have enjoyed an evening round at No 6.

Wendy taught art for many years, helping

to prepare numerous children for their Art

Scholarships to senior schools and has also

directed several musicals at the Dragon.

She is also a wonderful artist - her work

was exhibited at the recent Old Dragon Art

Exhibition (see page 12) - and of course

she is mother to Isobel, a PE teacher and D

Block Formtaker at the Dragon, and Milly,

who works in London.

Mary Taylor

, Deputy Head

(Social & Emotional Learning)

* Family Links is a national charity dedicated to empowering

children, parents, families, schools and workplaces to be

emotionally healthy

Leaving Staff

We celebrate and thank all those staff

who are leaving the Dragon this year,

particularly those that have served for 10

years or more. Annie Hancock is retiring

as Head of Music at Dragon Pre-Prep,

having served for over 22 years. Mary

Taylor, currently Deputy Head (Social

& Emotional Learning) has been at

the Dragon in a number of roles for 19

years. She moves on to an exciting role

at Family Links (see Wendy Baugh’s

tribute above). Mark White (OD 1978)

Deputy Head (Academic) leaves after

13 years to become the Headmaster of

Hazlegrove (see OD News, page 19) and

Nick Graham, Geography Teacher and

Head of B Block moves on after 11 years

to become Deputy Head (Pastoral) at

Thorngrove Nr Newbury.

If you would like a copy of any of

these staff valetes, please contact the

Development Office.

Above all, John has been able to articulate

with his trademark eloquence, passion and wit

what a 21st century Dragon education is all

about. He has caused us to reflect that we are all

part of a community of learners. The School’s

rich curriculum is a starting point but we can

learn as much from each other in the Boarding

House, on the Sports field, in the Music School

or the Art Block or simply learn from our

Dragons, with shirt-tails flapping. Learning

from and with others allows us to be who

we are and what we want to be or, as Skipper

encouraged us, to find, ‘all of the imagination

and creativity that is within’.

Great schools don’t become ‘Outstanding’

by chance or luck. Those thousands of children

who have been part of the Dragon during

these years have much for which to thank John

and Wendy.

Ed Phelps

(OD 1978), Deputy Head, and

Mark White

(OD 1978), Deputy Head (Academic)