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2017 · ISSUE 6



The Dragon


Bursary Scheme

John and Wendy Baugh were delighted

to have the opportunity to thank nearly

200 supporters of the School at the Donor

Drinks Evening on 6 October 2016. During

the evening, John reviewed the Dragon’s

fundraising success since he joined the School

in 2002. To date, over 1,200 people have

donated almost £5 million for the Dragon’s

Transformational Bursary Programme. As a

result, 60 children have been able to access an

extraordinary Dragon education, setting them

on a path to success and fulfilment.

Over this period, donors have also

supported the Dragon’s general development

and hardship funds, and contributed towards

capital projects, bringing the total raised,

including gift aid, to over £8 million.

John, who benefited from a bursary

himself, launched the campaign in 2002,

explaining: “The Dragon was founded on

benefaction and every Dragon has benefitted

“Ultimately, by donating towards

a bursary, you are investing in the

life of a child. And what better cause

is there than that?”

Will Baker


former bursary pupil (OD 2011)

from the generosity of others. Our donors

help to keep the Dragon ethos of being both

extraordinary and ordinary alive. With the

help of the Dragon community, we will

continue to work towards maintaining the

unique, vibrant and diverse Dragon culture

for generations to come.”

If you would like to discuss making a

donation to the Dragon Bursary Fund,

please contact Jane Pendry, Head of

Development, on 01865 315415 or via

email to .

“I gained self-confidence, borne

out of the ability to communicate

with other pupils and staff on my

own in an entirely new setting.

The triumph of the Dragon

approach is its treatment of each

pupil as a distinct individual

with unique skills, abilities and

aspirations. The all-encompassing

Dragon education yields success

both in and out of the classroom.

Seamus Lavan,

former bursary pupil

(OD 2009) recent Oxford graduate

“My experiences at the Dragon will

never be forgotten. The School

provided me with the best possible

starting block as a child; an equal

environment where I had the same

opportunities as everyone else. I

am currently taking a gap year,

and I am looking forward to going

to university next year to study

automotive engineering.

Khalil Abouzeid,

former bursary pupil

(OD 2011)

“The Dragon is a school which is about all of life – not class, not money, not pure

academia, just wide, wide education. Any child would fit into Dragon life - the

Bursary Fund allows that ‘any child’ to be found and given a chance to bring their

own talents to grow the Dragon Life pot for the benefit of all.”

Simon and Lucinda Miesegaes


parents of Jamie (OD 2015) and Claira (OD 2009)

“The Head Teacher of the local School suggested my daughter should apply

for a bursary. Having this opportunity has changed our lives not just my

daughter’s. I am very proud.”

Mother of bursary pupil

(OD 2011)

now studying bio-medical sciences at university

Former Bursary Pupils, Dom, Seamus and Laurence at the lunch for leavers' parents 2017



The Keith Ingram Memorial Fund was

founded in 2009 to continue the work that

Keith did both as a Headmaster and in his

retirement. He was keen to support those

children who, through no fault of their own,

found themselves potentially unable to

complete their education at the Dragon.

Keith was following the route that Skipper

and Joc had trodden in the earlier days of

the School.

The Lynam Education Fund was registered as

a charity in 1978 with a similar intent. Joc Lynam

retired in 1965 and helped those children whose

families unexpectedly needed financial support,

particularly as a result of ill health.

This tradition of supporting families who face

unexpected hardship is continued with the Inky

Fund, which currently holds £97k. This year,

£12k was spent on hardship, and £5k was donated

to the fund.