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2017 · ISSUE 6




Between January and

March 2017, the paintings

of war artist



featured in the

Esoterick Collection’s


Sunshine: the

British in Italy 1917-1918.

Carline’s paintings were

described as



drawings and paintings

of aerial battles”.

In February 2017, we

welcomed a visit from

relatives of the Carritt

family. A generation

earlier, the seven Carritt

siblings were pupils at the

Dragon from about 1910

through to 1925.

Their father was a Don

at University College.

Each of our visitors had

stories to tell from their

parents about their time

at the Dragon.

Gabriel Carritt

had won the


Sharpe Cup

for Junior


which they kindly

brought in to

show us.


Christopher Tolkien


son of J R R Tolkien, has

received the Bodley Medal,

awarded for his erudition

and scholarship in editing

his father’s unpublished

works, including



, poetry and

a translation of



The award, the Bodleian

Library’s highest honour,

was awarded for bringing

Christopher’s father’s

legacy into the public eye.


Lionel Bruce

is a retired

Major from the Royal

Artillery and was also

a senior lecturer at

the Oxford College of

Further Education.

Lionel celebrated his 90th

birthday in July 2016.

Among the 30 guests were

5 ODs (including Lionel)

- Canon Allan Maclean

(1964), Dr Robert Bruce

(1975), Alan Bruce (1975)

and Dr Martin Bruce



Thomas Miller

is a retired

consultant physician and

gastroenterologist. He

is kept busy by his 13

grandchildren and looks

after them during the

school holidays. Thomas

is trying to progress as a

church bell ringer and has

just celebrated his golden

wedding anniversary.


Alan MacFarlane


extensively in China. He

has published books for

young people. His book,

Becoming a Dragon

, is

being revised.

Tony Escritt

is involved in

Icelandic travel. He guides

school Geography field

trips and walking weeks

for health workers.


In March 2014, John

Plummer became

the High Sheriff of

Bedfordshire. John

has won an award for

voluntary service to the

community in Central



Clive Reynard


with news of former

Chaplain to the Dragon,

Canon Ron Lloyd,

who officiated at Inky’s

Memorial Service. Canon

Lloyd christened Clive’s

grandson, Maximilian

(Max) George Maguth

at St Andrew’s Church,

Eastleach, Gloucestershire,

on Sunday, 18 September

2016. Every time Canon

Lloyd takes a service in

Eastleach, Clive wears his

OD tie and greets him with

the salutation “

Arduus ad


”. Clive’s wife is Jane,

née Taphouse. Her father

was Charles Taphouse

(1926) and her brothers are

Charles (1959) and David

(1956). Clive organises

the Lesson Readers’ Rota

at St Andrew’s and put

his lesson reading ability

down to “Beaky” Ralphs

- “always practise your

reading beforehand, give

them a good stare before

beginning, and read slowly”.

Mike Travis

was a director

in the mining industry

before retiring. He married

Mrs Bobbie Richards on 8

April 2017.


A United Kingdom


the story of the politically

controversial marriage

between Sir Seretse

Khama (King Kgosi of

the Bamangwato tribe

in Botswana) and Ruth

Williams (a clerk at Lloyds

of London) in 1948. The

screenplay was written

by Guy Hibbert (1963)

and stars Jack Davenport

(1986). The film was well

reviewed in

The Guardian.


David Lawrence


retired from running

the forensic CCTV

department in the police

and currently helps his

wife to run a B&B.


Cressida Dick


appointed Metropolitan

Police commissioner,

becoming the first woman

to take charge of London’s

police force in its 188-year

history. She succeeds Sir

Bernard Hogan-Howe,

who announced his

retirement last year. Her

appointment means that

for the first time all three

top policing jobs in the UK

are held by women.


Two ODs have met for

a tennis re-match in


Tim Henman

(1987) avenged defeat (he

was only seven at the time)


Simon Elliot


thus settling a 35-year-old

grudge. Tim was opening

new courts at the Cocks

& Hens Tennis Club, for

which Simon is chairman.


Mike Beresford


been mission director

of the small Christian

organisation called

Zambesi Mission since

2012. It works with church

partners in Malawi and



Lev Parikian’s



Why Do Birds

Suddenly Disappear?,

has been successfully

crowdfunded with

pioneering publishers

Unbound and will be

published in 2017.

Matthew Ponsonby

completed the 2017 Otillo

World Series Uto course

inside the cut off time.

Matthew reports, “It was

an interesting course;

43km of mostly rock and

steep trail running with

a contrasting 25°C in

the sun and water down

to 7/8°C.” Matthew and

team mate, Giles, were the

oldest team in aggregate

age. They were happy

with a place of 171 in a

time of 6hrs 49min - 70 or

so teams failed to finish.

Matthew Raised over

£17,000 for Great Ormond

Street Hospital.

Mark White

Mark leaves the Dragon

in July after 13 years as

Deputy Head (Academic)

to become Headmaster of

Hazlegrove Prep School in


Patrick ‘Paddy’ Wills


his wife, Sarah, headed

off on the adventure of a

lifetime. They took part in

a vintage air rally, flying

from London to Cape

Town, taking six weeks

to cover 17 countries.

They flew over Europe,

via Crete, refuelled in

Khartoum in the Sudan,

before traversing the East

coast of Africa and then

into Cape Town. The

Robinson R44 Clipper II

helicopter that Paddy flew

is co-owned by another

Old Dragon, Nicholas

Wheeler (OD 1978).


Steve Ellis

founded the

cycling event, Icebyk,

in November 2010. The

Icebyk by Ice-World

International is the ideal

entry level platform to

discover the fun of cycling

on ice and, last year, Steve

organised the biggest

cycling on ice event in

the world.

Harry Dalmeny

has been

appointed Chairman of

Sotheby’s UK. He joined

the firm in 1990 and has led

the auction of collections

including those of Ava

Gardner and the Duke

and Duchess of Windsor.

His new role includes

developing Sotheby’s

property sales business.


Rory Stewart


made Minister of State

at the Department

for International

Development in July

2016. He is Conservative

MP for Penrith and The

Border. Rory served as

Parliamentary Under

Secretary of State at

the Department for

Environment, Food &

Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

from May 2015 until July


Stephen Brown’s


based on Rory Stewart’s




, tells the story

of the moral conflicts,

dangers and comic

absurdities inherent in

any foreign occupation.

The play opened at the

Hampstead Theatre in

April 2016.

The Times

wrote, “You wouldn’t

have thought being a

government co-ordinator

in Iraq could be so

interesting, but this is a

riveting, fascinating play.”