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As many of you know, this is the last issue of

The OD

that I

will introduce.

My wife Wendy, Director of Safeguarding, and I will be

leaving the Dragon School at the end of Summer 2017. As you

can imagine, we have experienced very mixed feelings this

year. As usual, we enjoyed this year’s events and activities but

at the same time we were aware that we were experiencing

them for the last time.

This year, we were delighted to welcome back former pupils who

had attended the School during the 15 years of my headship. On

the last Friday of the Easter Term 2017, Old Dragons from 2002-

2011 attended the annual reunion at the School and Junior Old

Dragons and their parents attended a lunch reunion the next

day - as you will read in our Events section on page 17. I was

delighted to tell the ODs - many are no longer children - that I

have chosen not to have a traditional portrait to hang alongside

all former Headmasters in the LynamHall. Instead, my portrait

will be digital, and made up of photographs of the 2,350 pupils

that attended the Dragon during our time at the School. That

way, all of those pupils who have been an important part of our

lives will remain part of the fabric of school.

This academic year, we also held three

Arduus ad Solem


Dragon Community Networking Events - covering Insurance

& Risk, Digital Futures and Old Dragon Artists - to follow on

from last year’s Entrepreneurs’ event. These networking groups

are for the whole Dragon community and I hope that I will be

able to catch up with many of you in the future at these and

other reunions.

This year, once again, pupils moved on to our most

well-known independent senior schools and this year’s

leavers accumulated a record number of over 50 awards to

their future schools. However, our over-arching aim has

always been to nurture children to become socially confident

and independent individuals. The social and emotional

development of the children remains at the heart of the

School. We value each and every individual for who they

are, not for what they achieve. We are proud of our academic

record; however, above all, the Dragon continues to celebrate

individuality, creativity and intellectual curiosity. With 4

out of 5 children playing an instrument, and 41 musical

ensembles and groups, we are particularly proud of the

School’s record for music. In sport, competitive and able

children still experience the joy of winning, whilst learning

from the disappointment of losing, and all children improve

their fitness, co-ordination, stamina and team skills.

Wendy and I, have committed 15 years to the Dragon and it

is now time to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy the

challenge of leading this extraordinary institution. So, after

15 busy, productive and enormously happy years, all that is

left to be said is “goodbye”. I wish my successor, Dr Crispin

Hyde-Dunn every success - and we hope that he, alongside

his wife, Lucy, will be as happy as we have been.

With every good wish,

John Baugh