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Matilda Ponsonby (OD 2013)

Matilda’s recent work includes a set

of paintings for Rugby School’s 450th

Anniversary Exhibition, reflecting

all aspects of the school, starting

from when it was founded in 1567

through to the present day.


The Art Department at the Dragon

is a lively, exciting, and invigorating

place where pupils experience a

wide range of artwork and materials

through a curriculum that is fresh

and stimulating. Housed in three

spectacular purpose built studios with

high ceilings and ample natural light,

pupils gain experience in drawing,

painting, printmaking, sculpture

and ceramics through the study of

both historic and contemporary art


Each child keeps a sketchbook to

record observations and to research

and plan project work. A different

topic and process is studied each

term, based around a particular

artist or art movement. Through

experimenting with ideas, trying

out new techniques, recording

feelings, thoughts and information

about artists, pupils develop work

that is ambitious, well thought out

and sometimes on a large scale.

Some projects encompass group

work, which aims to help stimulate

camaraderie, the sharing of

knowledge and ideas, and ultimately a

feeling of common accomplishment.

In the Upper School we run a

Potential Art Scholars group where

the most talented artists are offered

extra sessions with the aim of

building a portfolio to take to their

senior school on the Scholarship day.

Over the last few years, pupils have

been offered awards to many senior

schools including – Marlborough,

Headington, Abingdon, MCS, Rugby,

Harrow, Wellington, Radley, Brighton

College, St Edward’s, Tudor Hall and


Our ethos is for the children to

have an imaginative and enjoyable

experience whilst learning about

different styles, genres and

techniques used in the creation of

artworks. We hope that we inspire

them to continue their appreciation

and enjoyment of the arts into their

next school and beyond.

Luke Osmond

, Head of Art

Art Department


Cecilia Giuseppetti (OD 2009)

Cecilia is studying for a History

of Art MA at the University of

Edinburgh. Her current work

includes painting zoomed-in shots

of animal skulls and seedpods.

She paints by mixing water-soluble

oil paint with thinners onto large

canvases as triptychs, taking

inspiration from shapes in nature.

Sebastian Volak (OD 2010)

Sebastian sketches in pencil,

charcoal and pastel, and paints in

acrylic. He says, “I would argue

that a piece of art requires no

other justification for its existence

than its own being, hence this is

why I can say my paintings are

pieces of art.”

Scott Ellis (OD 2011)

Scott received an Art Scholarship

to Radley College where he took

Art and History of Art through to

A Level. His final A Level exam

piece was based on the phrase

“The needs of the many outweigh

the needs of the few.” He hopes

to continue to paint and draw

while attending Oxford Brookes ,

where he will study Creative Audio


Mary Bowen (OD 2013)

Mary is in the Sixth Form at

Headington School, taking

Sciences and Art for her A Levels.

She plans to attend Art School at

foundation level and possibly study

Fine Art as her degree. She has an

interest in painting and drawing.

Theo Harman-Francis (OD 2013)

Theo is a student at The European

School, Culham and a winner of the

Young Art Oxford 2012 competition.

His interest lies in figurative art,

sculpture and photography. His

work has recently become more


Dominic Culverwell (OD 2008)

Dominic’s current work focuses on

conflicts that receive less media

attention. His exhibition piece, Untold,

illustrates the stories of two women

affected by the Abkhazian War of

1992 in Georgia. He printed the

illustrations as zines, self-published

mini magazines that were popular

during the punk era. Young artists like

himself have adopted the traditional,

political aspects of zines.

Elizabeth Grant (OD 2008)

Elizabeth is an artist and illustrator.

She read Art History, Archaeology

and Anthropology at university and

is continuing her studies at the Royal

Drawing School. She paints and

draws with forays into printmaking,

embroidery, mixed-media work and

ceramics. Her work is inspired by

varied influences and materials,

ranging from insect carapaces to

Greco-Roman mythology.

Millie Rodger (OD 2015)

Millie, currently at Headington

School, is exploring and finding

her way as an artist. She is

attracted to the symbolism and

complexity of the Great Masters,

and is enjoying modern art that

opens the mind to observing in

different ways.

Eliza Bowen (OD 2016)

Eliza is in Year 9 at Headington

School, studying Art for GCSE.

She enjoys using mixed media

in ways such as box art, printing

and collage. She is inspired by

artists such as Joseph Cornell,

Rauschenberg and Eduardo


Phoebe Williams (OD 2008)

Another member of the artistic

Williams family, Phoebe began

working with stoneware

clay and glazes at

school to create

organic and

abstract sculptural

forms. Influenced

by nature and

landscapes, she

now uses colour

and storytelling.

We would like to thank Moira

Darlington for organising this

exhibition. Please contact Moira

if you would like a copy of the

programme featuring all the

artists that took part. See page 29.