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2017 · ISSUE 6


Archie Franks (OD 2000)

Archie graduated from the Royal

Academy Schools in 2012 and was

awarded the Sainsbury Scholarship in

Painting in 2013, which enabled him

to work at the British School in Rome

for a year. He won a Jerwood Painting

Fellowship in 2016. His work has been

positively reviewed in Time Out, Critic’s

Choice in the Financial Times, Art

James Young (OD 1992)

James is an IT solution architect and

a potter. His series of magic night

lights uses ceramic, brass, crystals,

stone and fire (in the form of candles)

and takes inspiration from Celtic and

Norse beliefs that magic runes can

funnel the good power out of the earth

and into the world.

Hermione Townsend (OD 1997)

Hermione is a graduate student

of Global Innovation Design at the

Royal College of Art and Imperial

College London. A qualified teacher

with a Masters degree in Education

Leadership, Hermione is fascinated

by 21st century learning experiences,

and the role meta-learning and growth

mind-set can play in their design.

Tom Faber (OD 2007)

Tom read History of Art at Cambridge

and Painting at Arte Ilimitada in

Lisbon. Recently, he has been using

painting to represent computer-

generated imagery. Visuals of

avatars from computer games

like Second Life serve as source

material. His latest project fuses

these avatars with images from

the real world, including his own

photographs of nature.

Monthly, This is Tomorrow and Fad


Sam Petty (OD 2002)

Sam’s art career started at the Dragon

and continued during an art scholarship

to Radley College. He founded his

company, David Watson, a year ago to

combine his love for art and passion

for fashion. David Watson (aka Sam)

collaborates with his favourite British

artists, designing silk pocket squares

and scarves of quintessentially British



Quintin Lake (OD 1988)

Quintin is an award-winning

architectural and landscape

photographer. His inspiration

comes from the serenity of

elemental wilderness landscapes.

These adventures help him

discover unexpected features of

the landscape and allow its spirit

to get under his skin. Recently,

his area of interest has been the

British landscape.

Nick Morley (OD 1990)

Nick is an illustrator whose work

is collected internationally. He

created the Hello Print Studio

in Margate, which provides

printmaking facilities and

professional support for artists

and designers.

Freddy Paske (OD 1999)

A wildlife and sporting artist, Freddy’s

passion for drawing and painting

was nurtured within the Dragon

Art Department. Freddy studied Art

History before being commissioned in

to The Light Dragoons in 2009 where

he continued to paint, including during

his deployment to Afghanistan and

Bosnia. Following a sell-out exhibition

on return from Helmand Province, he

became a professional artist.


Sam Good (OD 2000)

Sam is a portrait painter and uses 17th

century pigments and media under

natural light. His interest in the art of

honest portraiture and exploration of

nature and light comes from a love

for the power and timelessness of the

beauty that the human eye can find in

the world around us.

Oliver Williams (OD 2005)

Having graduated from Oxford Brookes

with a degree in Architecture, Oliver

now works in the film industry as a

draughtsman. He is also an artist,

designer and photographer who has

been influenced by his creative family,

including his grandfather, the late

Lawrence P Williams (art designer of

David Lean’s classic ‘Brief Encounter’).

Oliver won the ‘Tate Times drawing

competition’ in 2007.

Eliza Cooke-Yarborough (OD 2006)

Eliza concentrates on life drawings,

which she became passionate about

since moving to New York, where

she now lives and works. She also

attended regular life drawing classes

while at Oxford. The majority of her

work over the years has been pencil

drawing, although she also enjoys

watercolours and etching.

Claire Macdonald (OD 2006)

Claire is a film-maker, based in

Los Angeles. In addition to her

award-winning film Launderette,

which she made for her final degree

at Goldsmiths, she has worked on

Brie Larson’s directing debut Unicorn

Store. She has also been developing

her own art work guided by her LA

experience and inspired by its rough


Eleanor McCullough (OD 2007)

Eleanor is coming to the end of her

Masters degree at Edinburgh College

of Art. Drawing remains central in her

thinking process, and constitutes a

point of departure for works of varying

media, including printmaking and

digital video.