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2017 · ISSUE 6



Jolly Foul Play

Robin Stevens

(OD 2001)

Puffin 2016

This is the fantastic new

mystery from the author of

Murder Most Unladylike.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong

have returned to Deepdean

for a new school term, but

nothing is the same. There’s

a new Head Girl, Elizabeth

Hurst, and a team of

prefects - and these bullying

Big Girls are certainly not

good eggs. Then, after the

fireworks display on Bonfire

Night, Elizabeth is found -

murdered. Many girls at

Deepdean had reason to hate

Elizabeth, but who might

have committed such foul


Mistletoe and Murder

Robin Stevens

(OD 2001)

Puffin 2016

Daisy and Hazel are back

in their fifth mystery –

this time, a mystery in a

Cambridge college during

the snowy Christmas

holidays. Hazel has high

hopes of beautiful spires,

cosy libraries and inviting

tea-rooms - but there is

danger lurking in the dark

stairwells of ancient Maudlin

College. Two days before

Christmas, there is a terrible

accident. At least, it appears

to be an accident - until the

Detective Society look a little

closer, and realise a murder

has taken place.

Dearest Mother

Edited by Andrew Baines

(OD 1957)

and Joanna


Helion & Company 2015

Dearest Mother is an

edited collection of letters

that have been brought to

life by the grandchildren

of John Baines. As a young

Royal Engineers officer,

John was on active service

in France and Salonika

during the First World War.

The affectionate, amusing

and warm letters he wrote

to his mother explain

John’s military career, his

personal and political

views, his interest in things

classical and his passion

for the Lake District.

Academic, Special Interest and Self Published Books

made a Faustian bargain

with the risk of devastation

by an earthquake.


Shattering Events

seeks to

understand how humans and

earthquakes have interacted,

in the short term and in the

long perspective of history.

Earth Shattering


Andrew Robinson

(OD 1960)

Since antiquity, human

beings in search of

attractive landscapes and

economic prosperity have

101 Places in Italy:

A Private Grand Tour-

1001 Unforgettable

Works of Art

Francis Russell

(OD 1962)

Wilmington Square

Books 2014

Accompanied by colour

photographs, Francis roams

through architecturally or

artistically significant places.

The detailed text guides

a stranger to Italy to find

special places that would

otherwise be difficult to find.

about Alan Turing, who

has long proved a subject

of fascination. This

volume brings together

contributions from

four leading experts on

Alan Turing to create a

comprehensive guide that

covers aspects of Turing’s

life and the range of his

intellectual activities.

The Future of


Tom Bulford

(OD 1969)

Agora Lifestyles 2016

Tom Bulford takes an

extensive look at the

world of biotechnology

through the eyes of

an investor. Following

the digital technology

revolution, the ‘next big

thing’ is biotechnology,

the engineering of living


The Turing Guide

Jonathan Bowen

(OD 1969)

Oxford University Press

Jonathan Bowen has

contributed to a book

Change and


Tommy Jay

(OD 2000)

Self published

With drawings and the

author’s own photographs,

this book presents the

venerable architecture

of Oxford’s colleges as

you rarely see it: concrete

frames, glass curtain-

walls and factory-formed

furniture. Tommy

explores how we adapt

our built environment

to accommodate change

while maintaining our