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2016 · ISSUE 5



Once a Dragon,

always a Dragon

The Dragon school embraces Old Dragons,

Junior Old Dragons, former staff and

former parents, as well as current parents

and grandparents; all are valued members

of the Dragon Community.

We welcome back ODs for visits but

would be most grateful if you could contact

us in advance so that we can ensure the

most appropriate person is available to

guide you around the School.

For enquiries regarding registrations

for OD events please email


or ring him

on 01865 315 510.

For Development enquiries, please email

or ring

her on 01865 315 415.

Holly Paterson


Events Officer

Holly project manages

all events, from Open

Days to OD Reunions,

including our new

Arduus ad Solem


Networking Groups.

Michael Wright


Development Officer

Mike manages

all aspects of the


database and

supports Jane Pendry

with Development


Claire Austin


Publications &

Advertising Officer

Claire manages the

production of all the

School’s marketing



Moira Darlington


Alumni Representative

Moira, a former member of

the teaching staff and most

recently Head of Future

Schools, will be the Dragon

Alumni Representative

from September 2016.

To see Moira's full profile

see page 10.

Who We Are:

We would be delighted to support any OD who wishes to

organise a regional or overseas event or who might be interested

in contributing to one our planned

Arduus ad Solem:


Forums. We are looking to organise events directly connected

to the themes of Film, TV and Theatre, Property, Science &

Technology, the Creative Arts and Finance. Please contact Holly

Paterson on

for further information.

We also love to support regional and local gatherings and hear

about any informal reunions of ODs wherever they may be held

worldwide – or however serendipitously. So do please keep us posted.



OD merchandise is available to purchase directly from the OD Office

or via the website at

6. Old Dragon solid

silver brooch


Cufflinks and Brooches

Bow Ties

3. Old Dragon bow tie, polyester, adjustable


4. Old Dragon bow tie, silk, adjustable



1. Old

Dragon tie,



2. Old

Dragon tie,



5. Old Dragon solid silver



Jane Pendry


Head of Development

Jane works with the

Headmaster, John

Baugh, on all fundraising

campaigns. She is also

responsible for community

engagement and operational



Contact Us

The OD Office

Tel: +44(0)1865 315416


Bardwell Road, Oxford, OX2 6SS

The Development Office

Tel: +44(0)1865 315417


Bardwell Road, Oxford, OX2 6SS

Join us on our Facebook page:

Dragon School Old Dragons

Join us on our LinkedIn page:

Dragon School: Old Dragons

Follow us on Twitter:


Visit us online at:

Contact the Editor Moira Darlington at