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Michael Barratt Brown (OD 1931)

Michael Barratt Brown was a leading figure

in the development of the New Left in the

1950s and 60s and became a driving force

in the fair trade movement, writing three

books on the subject.

Born in Birmingham to a Quaker

family, the son of Alfred Barratt Brown

(later Principal of Ruskin College, Oxford)

he was educated at Bootham School, York

and Corpus Christi, Oxford, where he read

PPE, graduating in 1940. During WWII he

served with the Friends’ Ambulance Unit

in Egypt, Italy and Yugoslavia before

joining the Communist Party post-war

and working in adult education in Essex

and Sheffield.

He left the Communist Party in 1956,

but co-founded the

New Left Review


the Institute for Workers’ Control (1968),

and the Conference of Socialist Economists

(1970) before, in 1978, becoming the

founding Principal of Northern College,

a residential adult education college at

Wentworth Castle, near Barnsley. In the

1980s he worked for Ken Livingstone’s

GLC and was involved in co-founding and

launching pioneering fair trade company

Twin Trading, which was fully owned by

a network of co-operatives in the

developing world.

Michael Barratt Brown; born 15 March

1918, died 7 May 2015

Graham Randle Cooper (OD 1931)

Graham Cooper died in February after a

long illness, aged 98. He was a Governor

from 1953 to 1987 and temporarily took

over as Chairman of Governors on the

sudden death of Mike Womersley.

Two of his three children, Alastair and

Charles both attended the Dragon,

and eight grandchildren followed them

there. Graham is also survived by his

daughter Candida.

Graham Cooper; died 18 February 2016

(John) Brian Walker (OD 1937)

Brian Walker was educated at the Dragon

and Rugby before reading Medicine at New

College, Oxford, completing his studies at

the Royal London Hospital, where he met

his wife Mary, a nurse.

As a final year medical student during

the war, he and colleagues were bidden

to Holland in 1945 but were diverted to

help manage the liberation of the Belsen

concentration camp; Brian was one of the

first to witness its shocking revelations.

Drafted into the Army after qualifying,

he was sent to East Africa as an eye

surgeon but, following demobilisation he

returned to London to take on his father’s

general practice.

Sailing was Brian’s passion. He was

one of three helmsmen to dominate the

‘Hornet’ dinghy fleet in the 1950s, 60s and

70s and became Commodore of the class.

The Walkers were great supporters of young

sailors and for many years ran No 1 Hornet

Fleet and the Easter Egg Meeting at the

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club at Burnham-

on-Crouch, Essex. In 1991 he took delivery

of ‘Arrogant’, an Alan Buchanan 44-foot

ferro-cement yacht, in which he and Mary

regularly cruised the Mediterranean.

He was also a keen fisherman and diver,

becoming a BSAC Instructor and helping to

run the Bromley Branch Sub Aqua Club.

Brian left his body to medical science,

allowing students to benefit as he himself

had done so many years before. Mary

pre-deceased him in 2011; he leaves a son,

Giles, and daughter, Stephanie, who kindly

contributed this obituary.

Brian Walker; born 16 March 1924,

died 15 October 2014

Colonel (Thomas) David Lloyd-

Jones OBE (OD 1938)

‘The Colonel’, as he was affectionately

known, was born in Lincolnshire in 1924;

his father was the vicar of Gate Burton.

He went on to Wellington from the

Dragon, and when it was bombed at the

start of WWII, killing the headmaster, he

joined the Royal Marines and was sent

to command a flotilla of landing craft off

the Italian coast. German bombers struck

again; he was badly wounded. After he

recovered he was dispatched with a small

company to the historic Villa Emma, to

help guard King George VI.

Following demobilisation, David

worked briefly on a farm in Fife before

finding work with the Anglo Iranian Oil

Company. When AIOC was nationalised,

British workers were imprisoned; David

escaped but left unpaid. He returned to

England and was commissioned into the

Lancashire Fusilliers, the regiment he

would ultimately command.

In 1952 he married Helen Maitland,

to whom he was married for 61 years, she

pre-deceasing him by only a few months.

They had three children: Jock, Peter and

Caroline, and seven grandchildren.

David’s military career took them all

over the world; he served in Trieste, Cyprus

(where he earned a Mention in Dispatches),

Germany, British Guyana, Jamaica and

Hong Kong, as well as the UK. His final

appointment was as Commandant of the

Cadet Training Centre, for which he

earned the OBE. He retired from the

Army in 1978 and took up the post of

Administrator at Glamis Castle, enabling

the family to move back to Helen’s family

home in Angus, Scotland.

David Lloyd-Jones; born 1924,

died 6 February 2015

Terence Hewitt

(OD 1925) on 11 January 2016

Michael Swann

(OD 1934) on 15 October 2015

John Brian Walker

(OD 1937) on 19 October 2014

Thomas David Lloyd-Jones

(OD 1938) on 6 February 2015

Hugh Cocksedge

(OD 1939) on 18 January 2016

Mary Driver

(OD 1939) on 12 May 2015

Philip Goodhart

(OD 1939) on 17 July 2015

Robin Alden

(OD 1940) on 22 October 2015

Michael Ferrar

(OD 1941) on 13 August 2015

Cristopher Pearson

(OD 1943) on 30 March 2015

John Wright

(OD 1943) on 11 January 2016

Timothy Lewis May

(OD 1944) on 10 December 2015

Andrew Drysdale

(OD 1945) on 6 October 2015

Martyn Saunders

(OD 1946) on 29 April 2015

Michael Sackett

(OD 1947) on 13 March 2016

Charles Bagnall

(OD 1948) on 29 July 2015

Michael Barratt Brown

(OD 1951) on 1 May 2015

Robin ‘Lofty’ Houghton

(OD 1953) on 27 May 2016

Robert Acland

(OD 1954) on 6 January 2016

Patrick Lepper

(OD 1954) on 28 April 2015

Mark Turner

(OD 1954) on 29 April 2015

Jonathan Horsfall Turner

(OD 1959) on 14 July 2015


(OD 1960) on 7 July 2014

Patrick Ward-Perkins

(OD 1966) on 1 March 2016

Former Staff

Mike ‘Putty’ Barrowclough

(1950-1989) on 26 December 2015

Ruth Escritt

(1958-1984) on 8 September 2015

Robin ‘Lofty’ Houghton

(1959 - 2016) on 27 May 2016

Derek Phillips

(1996-2005) on 30 June 2015

Joan Plummer

(1947-1968) on 1 November 2015

Hugh Watson

(1994-2000) on 22 March 2015