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Simon Berger

, owner of the

IM2 Group, was part of the

team that organised the two-day

Millennial 20/20 Summit which

took place in London on 13 &

14 April 2016. The gathering

of over 3,000 start-ups, brands,

retailers and corporates featured

150 world-class speakers.



Steve Ellis

organised the

2016 Ice Track Cycling World

Championships in February 2016.

Steve is a pioneer in this novel

sporting arena.


In his role as Honorary Legal

Adviser to the London World

Athletics Championships 2017,


Hon Michael Beloff QC


is to head the

International Association of Athletics Federations’ Ethics Commission.

Michael’s distinguished career

includes various sport related

positions, including Ethics


On Saturday, 11th June 2016,

Tim Knapp, Director of Sport,

and Hugo McNeile, Master i/c

Rugby, were proud to attend

the unveiling of a blue plaque

for rugby legend


Poulton Palmer

(OD 1903. The

ceremony was conducted by the

Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board

and took place at the Poulton’s

family home in Banbury Road,

Oxford. The plaque is dedicated

to both Ronald and his father,

Sir Edward Poulton, a zoologist,

committed to the theory of

natural selection. See




Dr Margaret Yekutiel

, née Cairns,

now living in Israel, is the widow

of Professor Perez Yekutiel.

She is the Musical Director of

the Chamber Opera Group,

Emek, Hefer, Israel and has

been Consultant to The Spastics

Society of India since 1991.


John Hunt

sent in a copy of his

letter that appeared in the



on 4 February 2016.

Name tapes: the well-travelled,

long-lasting kind

SIR – I notice, with regret, that

Cash’s, the company that makes

woven name tapes, has gone in to

administration (leading article,

February 1).

I still travel with shoe bags that

I took to my prep school, complete

with name tapes. The bags (and

the name tapes) have seen service

in the Army and were with me

during the 50 years that I spent

in several African countries. I

took them to various European

countries, America, the Far

East, and they are shortly to visit

southern Africa again.

John’s shoe bag started life

at the Dragon before going on

to Repton School. It must be

the most well-travelled of its

kind, having visited and lived

in 47 countries, including

West Germany, Tanganyika,

Mauritius, the Belgian Congo,

Dubai, Zambia, South Africa

and Panama. The shoe bag has

also been around Cape Horn and

the Cape of Good Hope, though

the Suez Canal twice and once

though the Panama Canal - as

well as to the Arctic Circle. John

explains, “He has large yellow

initials embroidered by a great-

aunt and also the famous Cash’s

name tape.”


Ian Burns

was awarded an MBE

in this year’s Queen’s Birthday

Honours for services to people

in custody in his role as a Lay

Observer. Ian has been a Lay

Observer in Kent and Sussex

for 18 years and an independent

custody visitor for 22 years. Until

recently, he oversaw the work of

the Lay Observer team for the

south of England, covering an

area from Kent to Cornwall. Ian

received his honour from HRH

The Duke of Cambridge at a

ceremony in Buckingham Palace

on 17 November, accompanied

by his wife, Rosalyn. 2015 has

been a special year for the couple

who also recently celebrated their

Golden Wedding anniversary.

Commissioner for the London

2012 bid, Chairman of the

IAAF Ethics Commission and

membership of the Court of

Arbitration for Sport since 1996.

It is gratifying and comforting

to know that the Ethics

Commission is led by an OD

and former Dragon Governor.


Merrick Sheldon

has sent in

a photo of himself (looking

Commodore-ish) on the jetty

of Medley Sailing Club. He is

maintaining the tradition of the

Dragon School’s involvement

with the Club, which was started

by former Dragon staff member,

Teddy Hicks (Commodore from

1948 to 1957, the longest anyone

has ever held the post, and again

1962 to 1963). Previous OD

members include the author


A Certain...Je Ne Sais Quoi


Charles Timoney (OD 1968).

Merrick adds: “Needless to say,

we would be delighted if any

ODs or current Dragons

wished to join the club. We

race on Sunday afternoons

and Wednesday evenings.”


Kristy Farr

has two little girls,

Zara (b 2013) and Lucy (b 2014)

and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Old Dragons may also remember

Kristy’s father, Tony Farr, catering

manager at the Dragon for many

years from 1978.


The Rev Karl Freeman

, Rector of

Emmanuel Church in Plymouth,

was made an MBE in the Queen’s

Birthday Honours list for his

work as an army chaplain.

Karl said, “I have served 29

Commando, Royal Artillery for

22 years as their Padre since 1994

and for three years previously as

a ‘civilian’. The ministry has taken

me to such places abroad as Sierra

Leone, Norway, UN Cyprus,

Bosnia, Northern Ireland, France

and Israel, not to mention

Salisbury Plain, Cape Wrath,

Otterburn, the Brecon Beacons

and Dartmoor.”




Adam Lowe

featured in Sky Arts


The Mystery of the

Lost Caravaggio

on 28 January

and in a

Daily Telegraph

article the

previous month. Adam is an expert

in art restoration and led the team

who recreated the lost Caravaggio,

‘Nativity with Saint Francis and

St Lawrence’, reputedly stolen by

the mafia from the Oratory of

San Lorenzo in Palermo in 1969.

Adam and his team painstakingly

researched Caravaggio’s style and

examined photographs of the

painting before reproducing it. The

replica was eventually hung in the

original’s place.


Augustus Michael Vessey Machin


son to Siobhan and Hugo Machin,

was born on 27th April 2016.