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2016 · ISSUE 5



For further information about

current or future Development plans,

or if you wish to discuss including

The Dragon School Trust in your Will,

please contact:

Jane Pendry, Head of Development

Dragon School, Bardwell Road,

Oxford OX2 6SS

T: +44 (0)1865 315415



Update on the Inky Fund

In 2008, The R K Ingram Fund was

founded to remember Inky, Headmaster

at the Dragon between 1965 and 1989.

The fund aims to support families who

suffer an unexpected change in their

circumstances, usually through illness,

and require some financial support

to enable their child to finish the

academic year, or in some exceptional

circumstances, their Dragon education.

Since that time, over 200 ODs,

former parents and staff have made more

than 1,000 donations raising a total of

£265k. Every year, the Dragon draws

approximately £50k from its hardship

funds to support children and families;

last year the Inky Fund contributed

£36k. To date, £159k from the fund has

helped children benefit from the stability

and security of the Dragon during an

unstable time in their young lives.

Each year, 3 or 4 children benefit from

this fund.

The Dragon also receives contributions

fromThe Lynam Education Fund, an

endowed hardship fund managed by

Trustees. As a result, the Inky fund retains

a healthy balance of almost £107k.

The Inky Fund continues to grow,

thanks to ongoing regular contributions

through standing orders and £19k was

added last year. All of you who have

supported, or are supporting, The Inky

Fund have provided much needed

stability to dozens of children over the

years and on their behalf, we thank you.

2014-15 Academic Year

Fundraising Report

The total raised for the Academic year

2014-15 is summarised as follows.

Approximately 50% of funds raised

were for bursaries. All 24 children

currently on transformational bursaries

were fully funded purely by donations.

Current parents, despite having to pay

out significant school fees for their own

children, on average donate two-thirds

of the funding for our bursary pupils.

Old Dragons and, in some cases former

staff, fund up to one third, sometimes

through generous legacies. The Dragon Sale

now also makes a significant contribution

to the bursary fund and aims to fund a

bursary child for one year, every year.








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