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2016 · ISSUE 5



The Dragon WWI Commemoration

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 September 2015

Over 450 pupils, current and past

parents, Dragon alumni and the wider

community attended the Dragon’s two

day commemorative event. Sacrifices

made by former Dragon pupils and staff

were remembered while exhibits and

activities explored the deeper impact the

war had made on individuals, the School

community and society.

Children handled WWI objects,

dressed-up in period outfits and were

drilled by a ‘pre-war regular’ of the Essex

Regiment. Dragon pupils read classic

WWI poetry while stories and artefacts

linked to current staff, pupils or Old

Dragons were displayed, along with a

replica British Mark IV tank and even a

trench, complete with rats.

Genealogists from the Oxfordshire

Family History Society traced ancestors

involved in the Great War. Dragon

Groundsman, Neil Pudney, along with

Charles Oldershaw (Dragon Staff 1987-

91), shared their collection of Great War

artefacts and discussed those brought in

on the day, including medals, a bayonet

and a Prussian helmet dating from 1914.

Sir Anthony Seldon, former Headmaster

of Wellington College, current Vice

Chancellor of Buckingham University and

a leading political historian, delivered a

lecture on Sunday evening, referencing his


Public Schools and the Great War –

The Generation Lost


Desmond Devitt, then Dragon

Registrar, was unaccountably unavailable

to speak on Monday evening, as planned.

Instead, Headmaster ‘Skipper’ Lynam

(1886-1920), bearing an uncanny

resemblance to Mr Devitt, travelled in

time to tell us about his former pupils

who had fought in the war. His poignant

recollections visibly moved the audience

of ODs, staff and parents.

“Getting the balance right between

commemorating our war dead and

acknowledging their sacrifice while engaging

children about the horrors of the Great War

is no easy task. Alumni Officer Victoria

Humble-White and Website Manager Sam

Claydon created a truly memorable and

thought-provoking event that visitors will

reflect upon for years to come,” said John

Baugh, Dragon Headmaster.

Farewell to

John Baugh

This year, John Baugh announced that he

and Wendy will be leaving the Dragon

School at the end of Summer 2017.

For some of you, it will be the end of

an era. For this reason, the March 2017

OD Reunion will focus on former pupils

who attended the School during John

Baugh’s headmastership. This will be

an opportunity to share memories with

your Dragon friends and to say farewell

to John and Wendy Baugh as they look

forward to a new chapter of their lives.

The following Saturday will be for

Junior Old Dragons and their parents.

Invitations for both these events will

be sent in the post, and online booking

details will be sent with the Autumn Old

Dragon e-newsletter in due course. Both

events will be held at the Dragon.

OD Reunion Reception -

JRB's Farewell to former


Friday 24 March 2017

For all ODs (aged 18 and over)

who attended the School between

2002 and 2011, during John Baugh’s



Saturday 25 March 2017

For all Junior Old Dragons, under

18 (year leavers 2012 to 2016) and

their parents.

Do make sure you have completed the

Update form or emailed us with your

contact details – JODs we email your

parents for safeguarding reasons so ask

your parents to fill in and return the

update form or to send their email to


There is no charge for either event.

Please make a note of the relevant date

in your diary.