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Four ODs joined Bev MacInness (Dragon staff 1961-94), for a party

at Dr Kelly Hyslop’s (OD 1993) incredible home, 1500 feet up from

sea level on Salt Spring Island in the Strait of Georgia, between

Vancouver and Victoria.

Joining Bev and Kelly were Andrew Hyslop (OD 1950), Michael

Hyslop (OD 1993) and Hugh Wallace (OD 1975). Bev proposed a

toast to their hosts and the Dragon and described the magnificent

effort of eight Dragons who, during the Vietnamese boat crisis of

1979, convinced ‘Inky’ - R K Ingram, Headmaster 1965 to 1989 -

to renovate the Reception area near Hastings at Dragon expense.

Sandra Hyslop and Bev’s wife Margaret kindly provided lunch,

and Pimm’s made to a special recipe which got everyone in the

mood. Lunch lasted a convivial 6 hours – ferry times delightfully

lengthening proceedings.

Old Dragon


Moira Darlington – Your new

Old Dragon Representative

With Victoria standing

down, Moira’s role will be

to represent the interests

of the alumni and former

staff independently from the

Development Office. She will

be available to take ODs on

tours, answer letters and lead

a committee of former staff

and ODs on the OD Magazine

Editorial Committee (do get

in touch if you are interested).

Moira Darlington read

Classics at Oxford and met

her husband, Stephen, there.

They have three daughters,

one of whom, Olivia, attended

the Dragon from 1993 to

1998, and six grandchildren.

Moira joined the Dragon

in 1989 (interviewed by

Gov, Inky, Nigel Richardson,

Splash and Frithy). Initially

she was an E Block Formtaker,

but she has also

been i/c Girls (when

there were about

50), Head of

Classics, Head of

Upper School and

finally Deputy

Head. Since

“retiring” four

years ago she has

continued to work,

running the Future Schools


She has many happy

memories of life here:

pantomimes, fun runs,

leading one of the early group

trips to Japan, another to Italy

and an expedition to Brunei

with both parents and pupils.

Her most amusing moment

must have been having to

climb down a ladder from the

Senior Master’s flat (where she

was receiving a review of her

first year) because the door

handle had got stuck.

Moira has many interests

outside school: she is a

governor of a college, a trustee

for 10 years of a charity for the

homeless, belongs to two book

clubs and loves music, visiting

art galleries and entertaining.

She also supports Stephen

in his role as the

Fellow in Music at

Christ Church and

Conductor of the

Cathedral Choir.

Dragon Pimm’s

3 sliced ripe peaches, 1/2 a sliced cucumber, juice of 3 limes,

1 tsp of balsamic vinegar and 1/2 bottle of Pimm’s No 1: mix the

night before and serve with ice and ginger ale

OD Gathering, Canada

Saturday 26 September 2015

Victoria moves on to pastures new

In January 2016 we said

goodbye to Victoria Humble-

White, Dragon Alumni

Officer. Victoria joined

us from Oriel College as

Development Officer. Prior

to that she was an Assistant

Curator at the National

Trust – where she developed

curating skills which she

put to good use during our

outstanding Dragon WWI

event last September.

Victoria took

on the role of

Alumni Officer in

2009 and has been

a very great asset

to the Dragon. She

has many talents:

excellent writing

and editing skills

put to good use in

many editions of

this magazine and thoughtful

and warm communication

skills thoroughly appreciated

by ODs and gainfully

employed in the maintenance

of the OD web and online

presence and organisation of

all the OD Reunions over the

nine years she was with us.

Victoria has now joined

the Academic Office at

Wycliffe Hall, University

of Oxford.

We hear she

is enjoying her

role but she is

much missed

here, as the

many warm

messages she

received from

Old Dragons

when she left

has testified.

Moira will be

in post from 1

September 2017.

NYC Drinks

Tuesday 27 October 2015

The 2015 New York Drinks took place during October

Half-Term when Desmond Devitt and Dragon staff met

ODs and parents living in the New York area. ODs who

attended included: Chris Bryan-Brown (OD 1947), Adrian

Bryan-Brown (1969), Marc Bryan-Brown (1974), Will Kempe

(1977), Tim Luke (1980), Vikash Reddy (1996), Alastair

Seaman (1998), Humphrey Taylor (1948), Richard Wheare

(1996). A wonderful evening was had by all.