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2016 · ISSUE 5


Shark Country:

Verse Memories of

the Ulster Troubles

Tim Cook

(OD 1948)

Sciurosso Publications,


Please contact Dr Tim

Cook directly for a copy

of this book on


Tim Cook explains that

his personal and evocative

book of poetry aims

to “convey as vividly as

possible the experience

of living in the beautiful

but tragically afflicted

province of Ulster at the

height of the Troubles”.

Tim spent six years in

Northern Ireland and has

woven his memories and

reflections into his poems.

Shark Country


the progression of the

poet from his optimistic

arrival in the province to

his reluctant decision to

return to England.

Tim read Classics

at Oxford, English at

Birkbeck and later taught

literature at universities in

Italy, Ulster and Kingston.

He now lives in the Lake

District with his wife, Pat.


Stalin’s Had It Now

James Stevenson

(OD 1948)

Createspace, 2014

James’s autobiography

focuses on his teenage

memories of learning to

be a fighter pilot during

the Cold War. It tells

of “the most exciting

years” of his life when,

aged 18, he learnt to be

a jet fighter pilot with

the RAF in Canada.

The book is based on

carefully preserved letters

he wrote home in the

1950s in which he shares

his joy of flying in one

of the world’s fastest

aeroplanes. Beautifully

written and with humour

and sadness in the

author’s self-deprecating

style, it captures a young

man’s passion for life and

flying and his anxieties

about whether he will

ever “get his wings”.

Scottish Red

Deer and their


Vernon Patrick Lowe

(OD 1948)

Hayloft Publishing Ltd,


Patrick’s research,

outlined in this book,

aims to create a blueprint

for the management

of red deer in Scotland

and prevent thousands

of these animals dying

unnecessarily from

starvation each winter.

He includes census data,

breeding and dispersal

records and statistics

relating to nearly 1000

stags and over 1000 hinds,

culled as part of the


Patrick was appointed

Scientific Officer in the

Nature Conservancy in

1957 and has worked

on the Deer Survey of

Scotland, setting up

and running a research

programme for the Island

of Rum.

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Dear Friends

Jonathan Fletcher

(OD 1956)

Lost Coin Publishing, 2013

This collection of

letters, written while

Jonathan was minister

at Emmanuel Church,

Wimbledon, was

published to mark his

retirement in 2014. The

letters are not just of

historical significance

but also a model of how

a minister should pastor

his congregation through

the written word.

The book is enjoyable

for those who have

known Jonathan’s

friendship and ministry

over the years but also

an instructive manual

for those in pastoral

ministry wanting to learn

how to encourage their

congregations through

the written word.

A Guide for


Souls / Finding

Jesus Ourselves /

Riverlution / The

Community of Christ.

Simenon Honoré

(OD 1965)

To purchase please contact

Simenon directly at Spirit

of the Rainbow, PO Box

483, Tunbridge Wells,

TBN2 9QU. You can also

find him on YouTube and


Simenon has spent over

25 years teaching history,

politics and meditation

and has been involved

in both political and

spiritual movements. His

books are thoughtful,

reflective and lyrical and

explore many spiritual

and philosophical

conundrums facing

humanity today. He

published all four small

books in 2015.

Self Published and Short Print Run Books