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The New Oxford

Book of War Poetry

Second Edition

Edited by Jon Stallworthy

(OD 1948)

Oxford Books of Prose &

Verse, 2015

There can be no area of

human experience that

has generated a wider

range of powerful feelings

than war. Jon Stallworthy’s

classic and celebrated

anthology spans centuries

of human experience of

war, from Homer’s Iliad,

through the First and

Second World Wars, the

VietnamWar, and the

wars fought since. This

new edition, published

to mark the centenary of

the outbreak of the First

World War, includes a new

introduction, additional

poems from David

Harsent and Peter Wyton

amongst others. The

new selection provides

improved coverage of the

two World Wars and the

VietnamWar, and new

coverage of the wars of the

late twentieth and early

twenty-first centuries.

Priscilla: The

Hidden Life of an

Englishwoman in

Wartime France

Nicholas Shakespeare

(OD 1970)

Vintage, 2014

The astonishing true

story of a young

woman’s adventures, and

misadventures, in the

dangerous world of Nazi-

occupied France.

For Priscilla, pre-war

Paris was an exciting

carousel of suitors,

soirées and heartbreak,

and eventually a lavish

wedding to a French

aristocrat. But the

arrival of the Nazi tanks

signalled the end of life

as a Vicomtesse, and the

beginning of a precarious

existence under German

Occupation. Over half a

century later, her nephew,

Nicholas Shakespeare,

found a box of Priscilla’s

notebooks and journals.

He began investigating

the rumours that she

had escaped a prisoner-

of-war camp and fought

for the Resistance - and

he finally unearthed the

truth behind suspicions

of disreputable love

affairs and far darker


The Beast in the

Red Forest: An

Inspector Pekkala

Novel of Suspense

by Sam Eastland

(Paul Watkins OD 1977)

Opus, 2014

A soldier returns from the

frontline of battle to report

that Pekkala’s charred

body has been found at

the site of an ambush. But

Stalin refuses to believe

that the indomitable

Pekkala is dead.

On Stalin’s orders,

Pekkala’s assistant Kirov

travels deep into the

forests of Western Russia

following a trail of clues

to a wilderness where

partisans wage a brutal

campaign against the Nazi


Unknown to Kirov, he

is being led into a trap.

A new enemy has

emerged from the fog of

war, more deadly than any

Kirov or Pekkala have ever

faced before. Pursuing the

legend of a half-human

creature, said to roam

the landscape of this war

within a war, each step

brings Kirov closer to

the truth about Pekkala’s


Meanwhile, Pekkala’s

nemesis is also closing in

for the kill.


From Anxiety

to Peace

Dr. Nick Argyle

(OD 1968)

Grayle Books, 2012

From Anxiety to Peace

describes the main

therapies for anxiety

disorders. It integrates

principles from the main

therapeutic approaches

of modern psychology

and psychiatry with

ideas from the Vedic

tradition, including

Ayur Vedic medicine

and Transcendental

Meditation. Panic,

Phobias and Generalised

Anxiety are treated with

a range of therapies

including Cognitive

and Behavior Therapies,

Psychotherapy and Group

Therapy, Drug treatment,

Natural Medicine

and Meditation. It is

important to understand

how therapies work,

which disorders the

therapies work for and

which people they suit.

Then you can choose

the right therapy for

you. The different ways

of gaining knowledge in

the different treatments

is described. With

increasing self knowledge,

the road from anxiety

to peace of mind leads

on to the higher goal of


The Dragon is keen to keep abreast of published OD writing, books about ODs and of OD interest.

Here are publishers’ descriptions of books received by the OD Office since the last issue of

The OD


Book Shelf



Ben Mallalieu

(OD 1960)

Hopcyn Press, 2015

Somewhere, Nowhere

is a very unusual travel

book, not least because

the writer rarely moves.

Sitting under a juniper

tree on an undiscovered

Greek island, Ben

Mallalieu ponders the

nature of life and death

and the fragility of

human achievement.

Beautifully written,

erudite, profound

and often very funny,

Somewhere, Nowhere

is a memoir of mental

landscapes with an

uncertain relationship

to objective reality; a

meditation on what is

glimpsed from the corner

of the eye. Characters of

the landscape - Greek,

and various wanderers

from around the world

- appear and disappear,

together with their

stories. Delightful

descriptions of landscape

and flora and fauna,

mingled with often

very funny intellectual