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Faced with substandard motorway service station foods whilst

on his journeys between Oxfordshire and Edinburgh University,

Alfred Cary (OD 2005) was inspired a find a more appetising and

affordable way to dine. It occurred to him he could cook his own

road trip meals using a reliable source of heat in its simplest form

– the car engine.

“I remember going to the

cooking club at the Dragon

although I don’t recall

learning to cook on car

engines at the club.”


He began to concoct recipes with food

wrapped carefully in tin foil packages and

placed them on the car engine to cook

as he drove. Upon undertaking further

research, he concluded that there was very

little information or recipes to help him

and so the idea for Carbecue was born.

“On a return journey from Edinburgh,

my siblings and I stopped at the local

butcher. We bought a handful of lamb

chops, a few potatoes and a couple of green

beans. Wrapping them up very thoroughly

in tinfoil, and carefully putting them on

the engine, we set off. I don’t think I have

ever been so excited about a meal as I was

that day. About 100 miles down the road

we stopped for lunch, and unwrapped

the piping hot package with a nervous

excitement. Inside were beautifully cooked

lamb chops, with steam billowing out.

It made for such a jolly lunch.”

Alfred’s book ‘The Complete Guide

to Cooking on a Car Engine’ is out now.

Jude’s Ice Cream is the successful brain child

of the Mezger family, created by Dragon

parent Theo Mezger. Based in the rolling

South Downs, Hampshire, Theo’s two OD

sons, Alex (OD 1991) and Chow (OD 1995)

are joint Managing Directors of Jude’s.

Back in 2002, Theo sat in his empty dairy

barn and dreamt of making the world’s tastiest

ice cream.

He bought a churn and a freezer, sourced

milk and cream from the local farm and set

to work. He lovingly named his new venture

Jude’s, after his wife, and sold his first batch

to the pub across the field. What started out

as a hobby rapidly became a business, and

it was not long before the whole family had

joined in. Once Theo had taught his two sons,

Alex and Chow everything he knew about

ice cream, he handed over the reins. Over the

past 12 years, Jude’s has supplied nearly all of

Britain’s top chefs and is served in some of the

best restaurants and most prestigious venues

and events in the land.

Demand for Jude’s from retail consumers

has grown and is now available in Waitrose,

Ocado and Whole Foods. Jude’s vision is to

be Britain’s most loved ice cream.

Jude’s Ice Cream