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2015 · issuE 4



These are a few of

our favourite things...

a Fine Feast

lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Simon Jones (OD 1978), who started to

make Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, is the

fourth generation to be running the farm

which has been in the family since 1917.

It is situated on the edge of the beautiful

Lincolnshire Wolds about ten miles from

the east coast.

The lush pastures sit on chalky land

which enables him to have a successful

dairy herd in an area where dairy farms

are very scarce and cheese making is

virtually unknown.

The farm began dairying in 1970 with

Simon’s father, Richard Jones (OD 1951),

but it wasn’t until Simon came back from

agricultural college and needed something

to get involved with that he looked into

the possibility of making cheese on a small

scale. He set up a small dairy of his own

with a 1000 litre vat and with the help of

Welsh cheese maker Dougal Campbell,

who came armed with a tonic bottle of

rennet and a sachet of starter, made his first

batch of cheese on February 17th 1992.

The recipe was based on Dougal’s own

cheese called Tyn Gryg. Dougal’s parting

comments were “Right boy, you can make

the cheese tomorrow”. So Simon started

making cheese on a regular basis from

then on. The cheese

proved very popular,

to such an extent that

in the local cheese

shop customers were

rationed to ¼ of a

pound each! This early

success led to Simon

taking on a full-time

cheese maker, Richard Tagg, and in 1995

the creation of a larger cheese dairy within

a lovely old farm building. Now all of the

farm’s milk is turned into cheese seven

days a week.

The cheese is still being made by

Richard, in this dairy today. Cheese sales

have grown dramatically since production

began. All of the milk produced on

the farm, with the exception of a small

quantity bottled and sold at Farmers

Markets, is now being turned into

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese. To help with

this growth, Simon’s brother, Tim Jones

(OD 1983) joined the business on the sales

and marketing side in 2000.

Simon is also a Trustee of the Nicholas

Knatchbull Travel Fund, established in the

memory of Nicholas Knatchbull, an Old

Dragon (OD 1978).

We are planning to host some family

focussed events over the coming years

and are hoping to hear from other OD

artisan food providers or craftspeople.

Please get in touch with the OD Office


if you would

like to be involved.